Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lucky, lucky girl!

I got to witness the absolute cutest proposal ever. Seriously, it was adorable.

A guy made arrangements for himself, his girlfriend, and two friends to get VIP seats for Beauty and the Beast. (At least, that's all she knew.) They watched the show from the VIP row, and then at the end the cast member at special right (I think it was Christine) strolled up and said, "Oh, by the way, you have an on stage meet 'n' greet with the whole cast." That's rare; meet 'n' greets are usually only with Belle and the Prince (sometimes Gaston) and on the special left side.

Needless to say, the girl was ecstatic. She ran up on the stage and started taking pictures. But when she turned around to say something to her boyfriend he was down on one knee. She was so shocked she literally dropped her camera.

One of the friends they had brought with them took pictures, and the other friend pulled a guitar out of nowhere (we still don't know how he got it into the theater!) and played while the proposer sang. And finally she had a chance to get a word in edgewise and she said yes. (We were all a little concerned for a wouldn't have ended well if she said no!). And the second the newly engaged couple kissed the sound techs turned on the Celine Dion version of "Tale as Old as Time." It was an absolute perfect proposal.

It kind of made me a little nostalgic for when P proposed. After all, it was a really long time in two and a half years ago. I told him about the proposal last night and how I feel like I lost that newly-engaged bloom and sighed "Maybe you should just propose again."

He just said "Um...I don't know how I would do that." And I could tell he was making his Awkward!Patrick face. Which is a fabulously hilarious face, if you ever get to see it. Maybe I'll say something awkward to him and take a picture.

Oh, well. His proposal was really sweet, and I'm glad the Beauty and the Beast girl accepted. Not everyone accepted Disney proposals, however magical they may be. My friend Susie was "friends" with Pooh Bear, and a guy at Wilderness Lodge wanted Pooh there when he proposed to his girlfriend because that was her favorite character. Well, Pooh was there, the cast members were assembled, there was a cake and balloons, the guy was on one knee with the ring...and the girl stormed in. Apparently she was pissed off at something, and the guy didn't even notice. He just blissfully offered his proposal.

He was the only one who was shocked when the girl screamed, "No! I hate you! I don't want to marry you! I want to go home!". Then she stormed away.

Needless to say, the guy burst into tears. And Pooh didn't know what to do, so he awkwardly patted the guy on the head and booked it out of there.

I told my coordinator that story, and Max spent the rest of the day running up, patting me awkwardly on the shoulder, and running away. I think he thought it was a hysterical story.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

True Life: I'm a Disney World Cast Member

So I'm standing in front of the big blue sorcerer's hat (stupid monstrosity). The third High School Musical show is coming out in about ten minutes. I'm working the wheelchair position, so I'm standing by my silver cones, chatting with guests and answering questions.

Up walks an older couple with a map in hand. This is not an uncommon sight. I stroll up to them, flash my "I'm a Disney Princess" smile, and inquire, "Are you looking for anything in particular?"

The gentleman looks at the big blue hat in confusion. Then he looks at his map. Then he looks at me. Then he says...

"Where's the Epcot gate?"

It is only then that I realize that the map he holds, unfurled, has EPCOT written in big letters across the top, and only then that I realize that his wife is looking around for the big white golf ball.

Maintaining my princessy smile with the greatest of struggles, I gravely inform the gentleman that he is in the wrong park. He's in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I explain to the bewildered couple that they need to go to a different location.

I thought that was all.

As they turn to leave, the gentleman asks, "But before we go, where's the restaurant with food from around the world?"

Beaming to the point that my smile's width could rival Demi Lovato's, I inform him that, "No, sir...that's in Epcot."

Once they were safely out of earshot I howled. Because really, that was fricking hilarious.

Bother bother bother...

Guess who has been a bad blogger?


That would be me.

I was getting so good at it too!

Oh, well. I'm not going to kick myself too much about it. After all, I've been working full time at a crazily hectic job that involves running around in the blazing Florida sun all day. By the time I get home, blogging is the last thing on my mind.

("Dinner" comes first, followed by "vegging out" at a close second, with "collapsing into bed" completing the trifecta.)

(Also, spellcheck is trying to tell me that "trifecta" is not a word. It so is...)

I love working at Disney, but sometimes I just need a break to sit around and do absolutely nothing. Which is precisely what I did the past two days. Literally. I sat on the couch and watched Golden Girls, Bridezilla, and Total Drama Action while playing Sims 2 for most of my weekend. It was pretty funny because every time Carissa and her boyfriend walked in or out of the apartment I would be sitting in the same spot, but usually wearing different clothes.

But yeah. Things are settling. I'm applying for seasonal status soon, so I can go back to the Great Movie Ride. (I was going to do it this week, but I didn't. See above paragraph). Patrick has a full-time job, FINALLY! He's working in the electronics department at Target. And he's probably going to get enough time off to go to Drew's wedding and come visit me, which makes me so happy I could probably explode. Wedding plans are coming along swimmingly, now that we have permission to flip the Great Hall for the reception. And I'm losing weight, which is fantastic. I've now hit the 20-lbs-lost mark (from my heaviest documented weight), plus I had to buy a new belt, which is a size SMALL.

So yeah. Things are going well. I'll try to update more often now, especially since I have some great guest stories: bad ones, good ones, and high-larious ones.