Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Showered with Love (and mixing bowls.)

All right, so Facebook has stopped being a skunkbag. Time for the wedding shower recap!

When we last left our intrepid couple (re: me and P), I was completely stressed out and P was trying to help with damage control. You see, our shower was being hosted by a very sweet lady who grabbed the "let's-throw-the-poor-as-church-mice-couple-a-party!" idea and kind of...well, ran with it. And when I say "ran with it," I mean it in the "someone-just-hijacked-this-bus" sense of the phrase. I don't want to go into details, because she meant extremely well, but things went downhill to the point that she was talking about canceling the shower because her plans had gone so incredibly astray. Luckily, my mother stepped in and asked that she not cancel, since this was going to be our only shower, and some other lovely ladies from the small group helped dig the shower plans out of the ground. And so things progressed!

I made a dress to wear to the shower a few weeks ago, but then realized I hated it. Ah, such is life. So I dug through my projects bags and dug up a dress that I had started this past summer (Simplicity 2951 in a white floral knit), then stayed up till 1am on Sunday to finish it. It turned out decently, although I still want to alter it a bit.

That whole day was fun. After church I went out to Panera with P, his mom, and his sister. Also, if you have not tried Panera's white cheddar macaroni and cheese, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED, MY FRIEND. You have not lived. It was fun, but I was antsy with excitement. I had received notifications about presents that had been purchased off our registry, and I was totally excited about it.

(But I didn't know what had been purchased. I'm sneaky like that. With the Target registry, they tell you the numbers at the top of the page. For the Bed Bath and Beyond registry, I put a magazine over the left half of my screen and scrolled down.)

(Please don't judge.)

Anyways, we arrived at the annex of the church and were immediately welcomed. And this is where it dawned on me that I was about to spend the next two hours with EVERYONE STARING AT ME while I opened presents that came from well-wishers that I may or may not know personally. And you might not know this, but while I'm not shy, I am easily intimidated and get anxious pretty quickly. So my excitement quickly dwindled into panic! mode.

Luckily, I was greeted by friends. And that made it easier. I was so excited that Heather came all the way from Union! And I was excited because they were excited. They bustled around the annex, showing off the decorations they put up and the food they helped put together and in general just oozed pride over my bridal status. That was awesome.

Also, we had a lot of pictures taken. Let me demonstrate:

First, we have the couple looking sweet. I look rather demure, don't I?
And then we have me and my ENTOURAGE. Just kidding. These are some of my super awesome friends. And Mrs. Dallas is photobombing by the cake table in the back.

(Rose, Kat, Rebecca, Sioda-Heather, and Crissy-Heather. The short girl with the rosebush on her shoulder would be me.)

And now P gets stuck in the pool of estrogen, and is apparently being seduced, threatened, and ogled by turns. Except by Emma, who leaped into the picture without knowing that we were all making faces and instead flashed a lovely smile towards the camera.

(Also, I love his face. He is total awesome sauce to obligingly pose with a collection of girls in dresses who make odd faces at him.)

Anyways, after the initial photo session, we were propelled to the seats of honor, where we were instructed to open gifts. We were happy to acquiesce to this request.

We got into a pretty good system. Rose handed us a gift, we took turns opening (one would hold and the other would unwrap/lift cautiously out of the bag), and Kat wrote down who gave what. Also, we opened the cards and read them together prior to ripping off the paper. My mama raised me right.

I know I showed this picture yesterday, but I just love it to little bits and pieces. We were given a glass cake plate and dome (which actually wasn't on our registry!) and I exclaimed that it needed cake. on. that. plate. now. So Emma booked it over, tossed us a cupcake, and the darling little baked good lived cheerfully in its glass habitat for the rest of the party.

(It ended up at Death of a Salesman rehearsal, where it was happily devoured by Stephen Moss.)

Also, there shall be pizza. (P was checking the tag that came with the bag.)

And OH LOOK MOAR CAKE. P was amused by my rapacious joy.

This is a little ridiculous, but I love how my nose looks in this picture.

Also, I would like to point out that Rose's torso and legs are lurking in the backgrounds of all these pictures. Girlfriend is tall. Her hips are the same height as my waist, thereabouts. I am short.

Our shower turned out to be a lot of fun. The hostesses did an excellent job, and were very, very, VERY generous to us. We had lovely vanilla cake, and my one request- CUPCAKES! The decorations were yellow and blue, to match the wedding colors, and I appreciated the detail. I also deeply appreciated the fact that life didn't stop so that everyone could stare at us opening gifts. Usually people dropped off the gift, greeted us, enjoyed some cake while chatting with their friends, and stopped to say goodbye and congrats before they left. It was very calm, very chill, and very fun.

We had a lot more people show up than we expected. I've been told that Woodmont showers are usually pretty quiet, but we had about 40ish, maybe 50ish people stop by, including one of my favorite people, P's grandmother Baba.

It was so much fun. And we were incredibly blessed by all of our generous friends and well-wishers! We were pretty astounded by the overflowing gift table!

At the end of the party, P and I opened up our cars and we all teamed up to get the gifts. By the time we were done, both his Hyundai and my PT Cruiser were completely full! We drove back to my parents' house, and he unloaded the cars while I sorted everything onto the wedding table in the rec room. And I changed out of my dress, because even though I'm a freaking ridiculous girly-girl, I need my shorts and tank tops.

(Lora, you better be still holding your girl card. No need to turn it in. :P)

We finished our super fun day of reveling in our bride-and-groom-ness in a decidedly low key manner- eating a Big Mac (him) and fries (me) in front of the TV while tidying up our registry and discussing where the crap we're going to live. (Answer: we're apartment-hunting on Thursday.)

We're still just completely stunned by how generous people have been. We were a little worried for while, because neither of us have lived completely on our own (he lived in an on-campus apartment and I went back and forth between a dorm room and Disney housing) and we don't have much in the way of practical stuff. I'm not quite as worried anymore. The only necessities we need are the bedding stuff and our everyday dishes. But everything else is just icing on the cake!

(Although that yellow KitchenAid mixer will be the queen of icing. It's the vanilla bean buttercream of our registry...)

But yeah. I am one happy bride/almost newlywed!

cupcakes is srs buzness

Of course, now that I finished my blog entry, Facebook decides to work. And now I am too tired to do anything. So I shall just leave you with this.

yes, that is a cupcake on a full-sized cake plate.

no, I see nothing wrong with it.

for yea and verily, we all shall rejoice.

Musical Monday #22

Well, I was going to talk about how spiffy my shower was, but Facebook is being a total skunkbag and not letting me on. (Please don't be another layout change!) So in the meantime, you'll have to be content with just a standard Musical Monday.

One of my FAVORITEST bands ever (besides Bowling for Soup) is the Pipettes. P actually introduced me to them back in 2008ish, since their single "Pull Shapes" was on the American Eagle video loop, and he had to listen to it all the time. In any case, I thought they were the absolute shiz, and I ended up buying the British edition of their album in a music shop in Bath.

The band consists of three gals named Riotbecki, Gwenno, and Rosay (although Riotbecki and Rosay have been replaced by Ani and Ana...sad day...). They also have a group of backup dancer boys called the Casettes.

On a funny side note: once I got my car, I subjected my dad to some of the more annoying selections in my wildly eclectic musical taste. (I'm looking at you, Aqua!) But when I played the Pipettes, my dad liked them so much that he listened to it on his own time. Fail. But hey, it was fun driving him up a wall with "Barbie Girl" and "Roses are Red."

So here's the Pipettes, teaching you some of their dance moves. Because they're so difficult and all. For serious.

Also, I just would like to point out that Rosay, the brunette, is my twin. For serious. If you have ever seen me dance, we are at about the same skill level. And we have a similar vocal range. And...well, she's adorable, and I yearn to be adorable. So we're even.

Also also, the Pipettes are making quite a splash on my wedding music playlist. So learn them steps, y'all. Especially "The Shocker." That's my favorite.

Although, truth be told, my dancing typically looks like Rosay's dance break...just so everyone's forewarned.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a bride...for real

Three weeks from today I will be married.

How WEIRD is that?

I never thought we would actually reach this point. I thought we were going to be stuck in engagement purgatory forever, planning the wedding and dreaming about married life and never actually getting there.

(Word of advice: unless it's absolutely necessary, do yourself a favor and don't plan on a long engagement. Because three years can feel like a decade. No lie.)

People used to tease me about planning the wedding so early. Well, now I have less than a month and people are teasing me about not having enough done! Oh, well.

This wedding is really happening, and do you know how I know that? TOMORROW IS MY SHOWER!

I'm so excited. I was really anxious about it earlier (seven messages in one day about an event you're not supposed to be involved with is a bit stressful), but things seemed to have been smoothed over. I am sad that the hostess chose the date without checking first- my mother is out of town and I would have liked to have her there. But my mom was very gracious about it, and I have a pretty dress for the occasion.

(On a side note, I have a compulsive addiction when it comes to dresses. If I'm going anywhere, I need a new dress for the occasion. A party, going out to dinner, going to see a show, vacation- heck, anything could merit a new dress!)

But to get back on topic...this is one of the big events where you get to be officially acknowledged as a bride. And that...that's pretty fun. I'm excited.

Let the spoiling begin! For yea and verily, I shall not stop it.

(Especially since there are hopefully going to be cupcakes at the shower. Oh mah gah. I hope to high heavens that there shall be cupcakes. I shall stuff my bride-y face with them. Mmmmm...)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A theater gal's wedding style

I've been in theater since I was three, and learned to apply stage makeup at the tender age of ten. So when I started thinking about wedding makeup, I figured I could just do it myself! After all, wedding makeup is probably at the same level as straight makeup in a small theater. Probably.

I usually don't wear much makeup- moisturizer, a little concealer, mascara, chapstick, bah-BAM! I'm out the door. Granted, now that I have a job, I wear a little bit more- mineral foundation, a tiny bit of blush, and a swipe with the greatest thing since sliced bread, the Covergirl smoky eye cream stick thingamabob.

(CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast in bronze fire. Seriously. Lifesaver!)

I used the wedding as an excuse to splurge a little bit on some new makeup and snatched up some snazzy new items to try. I also checked out Miss Rainbow's posts- she's a makeup artist and had some GREAT tips!

I figured I'd do my makeup trial at some point, but I was cleaning out the rec room this morning (which is currently Wedding Central) and found my pile o' makeup and thought "Huh...eh, why not."

So thus it begins!

I started out by washing my face with my trusty Noxzema Wave. My skin doesn't like cleansers- I get dried out in seconds. I usually use the St. Ives apricot scrub, but it seemed like a little much. So Noxzema Wave it was. I followed it up with Clean 'n' Clear toner, which is a standby from my high school days.

(No makeup whatsoever! Notice the quizzically skeptical eyebrow...what am I getting myself into?)

Now that I was squeaky clean, I checked out Miss Rainbow's "signature cocktail." I love it, but I ended up modifying it to suit my needs. I definitely used the Monistat chafing gel (who knew it was the same formula as primer?!), but I used my standard moisturizer instead of Cetaphil. The only Cetaphil moisturizer was in a big jug for ten bucks, so I stuck with my usual St. Ives moisturizer. And I couldn't find any MAC Studio Fix Fluid...mostly because the MAC store at the Green Hills Mall scares the pants off me. Go ahead, ask Keeton about the time we ninja'd around it. And it's on a corner, which makes it harder.

In any case, I grabbed a foundation I've been dying to try: Maybelline dream liquid mousse with an "airbrush finish." Then I stared at my three vials for a while, wondering exactly how to blend the three together. I started to put it all on my finger, since she recommends using your fingers. I chickened out at the last minute and put it all on a sponge.

I applied it the same way I apply theater foundation, and was pretty happy. It still looked a little sparse in spots, so I put on a tad more foundation and liked that. I'll probably try again with mixing just the Monistat and the moisturizer, and then putting the foundation on top.

Then I buffed it with a skunk brush. OH MAH GAH. Where has this been all my life?! The skunk brush buffed everything out all nice and smooth. I just love it. It's just one of the Target Studio Tools brushes, but it's simply love. If there was a fan page on Facebook for it, I would sign up.

Miss Rainbow says she doesn't use concealer, but since I didn't use the MAC stuff (although I might brave the MAC store for it) I used a little bit. My everyday concealer is actually a cream stick, but for this I got the CoverGirl 24-hour liquid stuff. It went on pretty smoothly, except on my forehead. But I have bangs, so this won't really be a problem.

Then I realized I didn't have any setting powder. So I resorted to a theater trick- baby powder. I grabbed the bottle, patted some into my hand, and then buffed it onto my face. It seems to work, but I think I'm going to go with Miss Rainbow and order the powder she recommended. I don't want my face to smell like a baby when I go in to kiss the hubster. But at least I can get a good feel now of what the makeup will be like.

(Yay, nice and smooth! But you can still see the cool little freckles around my eyes!)

So far I'm pretty happy. I feel I can master the blend of moisturizer, primer, and foundation better- if you stare at my right cheekbone, it's a bit streaky. And my face smells like baby. But all in all, the test is going well so far! Time for part 2.

I read over Miss Rainbow's instructions for contouring first, then got started. I ended up blending her tips with what I usually do.

For a midsized theater space (meaning the audience is a fair distance, but not a cavernous hall), I usually begin with a water-based pancake base or a CoverGirl clean liquid makeup and then layer it with normal blush. Unless I'm playing an old character (I typically play very young or very old) I don't need much age. This is from Beau Jest in fall 2009, when I played Miriam Goldman.

You can see the contouring on my cheekbones and some light lines on the corners of my eyes and my nasal-labial folds. Miriam isn't terribly old and it was a fairly intimate theater, so I didn't need a lot.

On the other hand...

Just one month later I played General Cartwright in Guys and Dolls in a large proscenium theater. Holy decrepit, Batman!

Now there's contour lines on my cheeks, chin, sides of my nose, nasal-labial folds, and my forehead. When I turn to the side, you can also see shading on my jawline. And keep in mind that this was taken with flash- it was much stronger in person!

All this to say, I guess, that it just goes to show you how much contouring can do. It can do a lot to streamline your face and shape it properly.

So I picked up CoverGirl's contouring blush in Refined Rose. It has three shades- dark, medium, and light. I started with the medium on the apples of my cheeks and buffing it back. One of my favorite theater tricks is that you should brush your blush from the apple of your cheek up towards the top of your ear. If you brush from the apple downwards, it makes your cheeks look longer and flatter- it's actually how you apply a man's makeup for the stage.

(On a side note, it's hilarious to see a boy who forgets and brushes up instead of down. The end result looks pretty silly.)

I brushed just a bit of the darker shade on my jawline, my cheekbone, and the sides of my nose. The reason for the latter is because it can make your nose look thinner if applied properly. I also put it on my jawline because I hate my chin- I feel like a Simpsons character.

I applied the highlight just like Miss Rainbow recommended, and I love the final result. My face looks so nice and polished!

(Contouring on the left, nuthin' on the right. See the difference? Sorta? Maybe?)

Now it's time to venture into unknown territory, since Miss Rainbow hasn't done any tutorials for eyes and lips. (Although if she ever does...I'll definitely read them and try them out!)

I started with eyeliner. I used CoverGirl's liquid liner in black-brown. WOW that stuff goes on sharp. I ended up grabbing a little brush and smudging it just a bit, which helped. I lined the top lash and the outer corner of the lower- it makes my eyes look larger and more open.

Then...I realized another crucial mistake. I forgot to get eyeshadow! I rummaged through my theater makeup box and dug out two old ones to test. I want a lightly smoky eye, so I found two different brown sets that might work.

(Two different shadows!)

The left eye was Almay's Blue Intensify set. I use it for auditions and dressy occasions. It's fairly reliable and does make my eyes look bluer, but I don't know if the coppery shade of the main tone works well.

The right eye is a Maybelline four-color set. I bought it for The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (I played Janice Vickery). I don't think I like it, though. It looked fine for the performance in the black-box theater, but for a wedding it just looks kind of dirty.

In any case, I used the same basic setup- the middle tone on my eyelid, the dark tone in the crease and lower lash, and the light tone on the inner corner, under the eyebrow, the middle of the lid edge (just above the pupil) and right underneath the lower lashline.

Eh, I'm not all that excited about either one. I'll have to try it again (unless someone really likes one of the ones I tested!)

Next: mascara. I'm sticking with my tried-and-true favorite: CoverGirl Lashblast. I bought a new (waterproof! waterproof! waterproof!) bottle in black for the wedding, so for this here trial I just used my old and almost empty one. But before I did, I curled my lashes for the first time.

I've never curled my lashes before- they're naturally very long and dark and curly. (I think it's karma's way of balancing out my Simpsons chin.) But I bit the bullet and got a cheapie one to try it out. It didn't really look different, but it did make the mascara go on easier.

Speaking of which, I followed my usual theater M.O. It goes a little something like this:

#1: Lightly coat the top lashes and give it a second or two to set.

#2: Go back over the top lashes. Look up and slide the brush through your lashes from base to tip, wiggling it slightly back and forth as you go.

#3: Lightly coat your bottom lashes while the top lashes dry.

#4: Go back over your top lashes with one last light coat.

I swear, it stays all day and looks like I have on fakes. As I type this I can see my lashes as I blink! Awesome sauce.

Now for the last step, the lips. My plan is to wear a light shade for the ceremony and the first part of the reception to match my princess gown, and then put on a bright red lip to match my retro lace-and-tulle reception dress. So I picked up CoverGirl Outlast lipstain in Teasing Blush, and CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color in coral. I usually only wear cherry chapstick for moisturizing and a slight bit of color, but I love lipcolors!

(The lipstain! Oh, and mascara. Mm, mascara!)

The lipstain was a little odd- I felt like I was drawing on my lips with a sharpie! It also looked really dark when I put it on, but I blotted it lightly by pinching a tissue between my lips, and it came out a lovely medium shade of pink. It's also incredibly precise! I feel like I have the perfect princess pout to go with my gown.

The only thing I don't like is that my lips feel a bit dry, and look very matte. I'm going to wear the lipstain to work on Saturday (10am-5pm) and top it with cherry chapstick to see how it works.

I also might have to grab P and give him a kiss to see how the lipstain/chapstick combo works with him. I don't think he'll mind my research.

(the lipcolor!)

The lipcolor is slightly different. And when I say "slightly different," I mean "hardcore." First you must apply the color and let it dry for 60 seconds without your lips touching. It was kind of like applying a gloppy lip gloss that smells like vanilla frosting. So in other words, it was like middle school.

Once it dried, I applied the balm-like topcoat. It went on smoothly, and not a bit of color rubbed off on the topcoat stick. It looks sassy and deliciously retro, and doesn't make my teeth look nasty!

I got so excited by all this makeup goodness that I did a bad thing and did my hair. (Always do your hair before your makeup!) I pulled the top and sides back and fastened it with a a little tortoiseshell comb. Then I pulled out the Conair instant heat hot rollers that have been my steadfast sidekick through cheerleading and performances. I have three sizes, so I used the smallest around my face, the medium on the top, and the largest on the bottom. Once I was properly rolled, I sprayed it lightly and let it sit.

Once the rollers were cool, I took them out, schmeared a little Garnier anti-humidity smoothing milk on my fingers, and finger-combed the curls out. It's not precise in the slightest (ew, the ends!!), but it gives me a decent idea of what I might could possibly do if I have to do my own hair.


And then I took the ultimate test- I took a picture in a dark room with flash just to see what the makeup looks like. The answer: awesome.

(I also took out the comb and added the headband I might wear with my second dress.)

(vampin' it up!)

So what do you think?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fittings...are Awkward

I have officially hit the one-week mark at my new job! It feels so odd to have a job that doesn't involve pixie dust and crowd control, but I'm just so happy to be working that I don't mind.

Today I spent more time on the floor observing fittings rather than in the back. I still sewed two and a half bustles, though. At the moment, I'd kind of like to sew than fit. I mean, I'm used to fittings. After all, I spent plenty of time wrangling college kids into ancient costumes and pinning them into submission. But a college kid in a costume is completely different from a bride in a gown! There's so many things to consider, plus they're bound to be eagle-eyed. One bride noticed the boning on the front of her dress. I wouldn't have noticed it, but she did!

I also learned how to ring people up after their alterations. And when I say "learned," I mean "was walked through it and remember about 30% of the process." Ouch.

But on the upside, one of the people I fitted today was Kat. Yay! And I don't mean to brag, but I think that, dress-wise, I'm on the list of awesome brides. That shade of blue is INCREDIBLY pretty.

(Just think...I could have made them all wear yellow...buttercup yellow...)

Once she was fitted, I put on my dress so she could see how to tie the bustle. I put the veil on and everything. She looked like she might possibly cry...which made me feel terribly validated. I felt like a bride for reals.

But do you know what made me feel giddy? I look EFFING TINY in my dress. Seriously. I have never felt so skinny in my life!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Musical Monday #21: "Drumming Song"

I love love LOVE this song.

Wait...lemme explain.

One of my favorite singers is Kate Nash, but she hasn't come out with a new album in FOREVER. And a day.

So in the meantime I've been searching for super-awesome British indie-type singers. And Florence+the Machine is pretty dang epic. She's like Kate Nash's edgy older sister, who hangs out with Lady Gaga.

This song has become my favorite sing-along-while-driving number. I can belt it pretty fiercely now, dontcha know.

So in any case....here's "The Drumming Song" by Florence + the Machine. Brace yourself for the epic that is about to hit you in the face.

My new (grown up) job!

I've had my new "big girl" job for about a week now, but I haven't gotten a chance to rectify it! And thus, this blog entry.

I wrote a little while back about getting a job at the shop where I bought my wedding gown. The job, exactly, is part-time alterations. Basically I'm working about 20-40 hours a week on wedding (and wedding-related) dresses and prom dresses.

Since I have sewing experience, but not alterations experience, they're starting me off on some lower-level stuff- tacking down lace, adding more beads, etc. I've helped with some fittings and called brides to confirm appointments.

I've also sewn bustles. Oh mah gah. Bustles.

I've had to explain this to a couple of men, but I'll toss it out here too. When a wedding dress is bustled, it doesn't mean the Victorian/Edwardian butt cages.


Wedding dress bustles are basically just fancy ways of pinning up the train. So far I've been trained to sew two of them- the American bustle and the French bustle.

The French is simple, but tedious. Sew a loop, sew the ribbons. There's at least three points, but usually five or seven. (My dress has thirteen! Gah!)

The American is harder because you have to hide the button-and-loop rigging on the outside of the dress. The tiny stitches on the French bustle are easy to hide, but not buttons and loops and hooks. Oy.

(To see what I'm blabbering about, look here.)

I guess, to sum everything up, I like my new job. I'm super awesomely incredibly grateful I have a job- it makes the whole getting married and leaving home thing a hecka ton easier! Is it what i want to spend the rest of my life doing? Nope. But it's all good. I like what I'm doing, the people I work with are really nice, and I'm getting PAID! Awesome times, y'all.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a photographer!! It has been a long, long, lo-o-o-ong process!

Initially (re: two years ago) a photography major friend of ours was going to do the pictures. A few months ago she told me she had photographed a wedding and it didn't go as well as she planned, so in order to prevent us from getting not-so-great pictures, she backed out. She's still coming to the wedding (yay!) and she gave us plenty of time to find a replacement.


(The answer is very.)

I hunted everywhere. I placed a Weddingbee classified that yielded only long-distance photogs that were willing to travel, but I wanted to meet in advance with them, and so that was a no-go. I did internet searches that yielded low price points with crappy pictures, and gorgeous pictures that cost more than my entire budget.

A friend of mine is a professional wedding photographer, so I emailed her. And emailed her. And a mutual friend emailed her. No such luck.

But as I was tooling around Facebook, I noticed one of my friends (who has GORGEOUS bridal portraits) had a link to a photographer on her profile. I followed the link...and got really, really excited. The photographer's work was beautiful, she was recommended by someone who had worked with her, she was in the area, and best of all her prices were FANTASTIC!

I emailed her, P and I met with her, and all looked good. Yesterday my father (aka keeper of the finances) gave the formal okay, and now we are very excited that Jenna from JHenderson Studios will be our photographer for our wedding.

Just take a gander at her blog. Go on, I'll wait.


Isn't she AWESOME?

So yeah. We officially will have someone visually documenting the coolest day of our lives so far.

I'm excited!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Heart Faces

About three and a half years ago, I was nineteen had just started dating my very first boyfriend. He was super cute and super nice and had a geeky laugh.

We were counselors at church camp that summer. On our last day, we were waiting to get on the bus with the rest of our friends. We were doing goofy things, and one of my friends was taking pictures. She had the two of us stand next to each, but at the last second I turned and kissed him on the cheek. His look of surprise still makes me giggle.

I'll be his wife in thirty-two days.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Musical Monday #20

I've been a grumpy sort of rut for a while. Because seriously, wedding planning is KILLER. I'm terribly stressed. There's so many decisions to make, and everyone's harping on me to make decisions, and I am NOT looking forward to my only wedding shower...the hot mess has become even hotter and messier.

So I need stuff to cheer me up.

My favoritest band EVER is Bowling for Soup. They're a goofy, naughty punk-pop-rock band, and I just love them to absolute bits and pieces.

(My dream in life is to be the lead singer in a Bowling for Soup cover band. I shall call it Skeeball with Chowder.)

Anyways, one of the songs I love after their newest album is called "No Hablo Ingles," and it's hilarious. Basically it explains that if something happens that you don't want to say or do, just say "No Hablo Ingles."


So...enjoy. Have a good time. Giggle profusely.

I hope they cheer you up as much as they cheer me up!

(aren't they hilarious?)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I need something yummy...

I'm making a dessert today....

...and I have a couple of ideas...

...but I don't know what to pick...

...and for some reason I want funfetti cupcakes.

That is all.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Relationships are weird.

And I'm not talking about romantic. I'm talking friends, acquaintances, family...all that chiz.

I've had three revelations in the past few days, and it's been weird. So it's time for a little venting, a'ight?

My cousin, whom I love dearly, is getting married...one month after me. I've known that for a while, but I was like meh. Whatevs. I can deal, right?

Well, I found out that she has changed her date at least half a dozen times before settling. She even made her sister, who's my favorite cousin, get married in October because her original date would have conflicted. She didn't want to get married in October, and I had to miss it because it was production week for Joseph.

Then I found out that she didn't know my wedding date until after she had announced her official one. And she wanted to have me change mine because she thought that I had just now picked it, and certainly I can change it?

Um, the answer is HECKA NO.

Luckily, my uncle not only stood up for me and my three-year engagement, but he also asked my other relatives if they would have to choose between the weddings. Luckily, none of them will.

All this happened a while ago, but it still makes me a bit sad that it had to happen in the first place.

A family friend is throwing a wedding shower for us. Yay! It's very nice of her, and we appreciate it.

It's just been a little awkward. Because she's been asking me, and my mom, and P's mom for input (which is kind of a faux pas). And she was rather rude to my MOH, who had been trying to plan a shower. And she invited a lot of church ladies that, while I'm sure they're very nice, I don't know who they are. And...

...and for some reason the invitation included "mark you calendars for (wedding date and time)."


Luckily all of us had that reaction, and I was elected to ask her as politely as possible if that could be taken off. Because...yeah. Yeah. Awkward.

There's a guy that's been in my circle of friends for a while. He used to be super nice, but now...now, not quite so much. He's the master of passive-aggressive fighting.

Things have been strained between me and him for a while, but he's been a friend of P's since high school, so I'm like "Meh. Send him an invite."

Well, I found out that for the past (nearly) four years that I've been with P, he's been telling everyone that we'd never last and things would never work out. So either he's waiting to see us break up in the next thirty-six days, or he's waiting to hear news of our divorce.



This is the face of a non-happy camper.

I've tried to get along with this dude, but no more. No more, my friends. I am done. Because there's so much more detail I could go into to explain this reaction, but this is not the best forum for it.

But yeah.

Three suckerpunches. Oy. No good, my friends. No good.

I feel famous!

My bio was featured on Weddingbee!

Huzzah! I feel super special!! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrusday's 10: The One with the V-Day Presents

Oh mah gah. Presents? Do you know how hard it is to shop for P?! He never really has any advice as to what I should get him, so instead I run around frantically trying to find presents for him that I'm never sure that he'll actually likes, but he promises he does.

On the other hand, P either gets me The Perfect Gift, which makes me feel like a horrible person for not getting him the perfect present, or he buys me...a video game. Love the man, but just because I play Sims and Harvest Moon doesn't mean that video games are a great de facto gift. :P

Also, my birthday's on Valentine's Day. MOAR PRESENTS, PLZ.

(Someone once suggested that we should get married on V-Day. His eyes got real big and he quickly said "NO. Oh, no. That's Valentine's Day and her birthday and her anniversary. I'd have to get her a massive present every year to cover all my bases. Like a pony.")

In any case...here's my Thursday's Ten variation: the five best gifts I've gotten P, and the five best gifts he's gotten me.

(because that makes ten.)

#1: a bright blue iPod mini. It was used, but in decent condition, and it lasted him a good while. He was pretty excited.

#2: The Marvel Superhero Encycolopedia. He's read it cover to cover on multiple occasion, and just loves it. There's a new edition out now...maybe I have found a good V-day present.

#3: A VIP Disney tour and a Jedi hat. That was for his birthday last summer, and he was so excited. And I was excited that he would finally know what I was babbling about...

#4: The Orange Box- a video game set that includes Portal. He was happy. Yay, I picked good...

#5: A box full of random wrapped presents and notes. I gave it to him when he started his first semester at MTSU. I told him to open them slowly...um, yeah. Didn't happen. He opened all of them at once. Well, as long as he's happy!

#1: a box he filled with reasons he loves me. I melted. Although Emma opened it up and started reading them aloud without realizing what it was. I have never seen P lunge that fast...

#2: A Red vs. Blue shirt that says I HEART CABOOSE. I haven't worn it in a while (gaaaaained weeeeeight) but I'm turning it into something cuter. ;)

#3: The entire Shaman King series on DVD. Twice. He got me the dub version, then the sub version. And considering it's never been released in the States, that is quite a feat!

#4: A beautiful glass figurine of Ariel. They sell Arribas Brothers figures in Adventureland and Downtown Disney, and I've always ooh'd and aah'd over them. Last summer I went to go check Fastpass times, and when I came back P snuck a little brown box in my hand and said it was my welcome home present. I'm keeping him.

#5: Aerie clothes. I know, it sounds shallow, but a year or two ago I was feeling really depressed about my looks. He took me to Aerie and let me pick out a cute outfit and bought it for me. And I felt better.

So yeah! Ten presents! I made it! Woot!

Om nom nom

I have been looking forward to this day for quite a while. What happened today, you ask?

Well, my friends, today was the catering tasting day.

Originally, we were going to go with a caterer that did a friend's wedding a while back, but she never returned my calls. So my dad used his Vandy connections to get names of great caterers, got proposals for a couple, and after debating the pros and cons, we scheduled the tasting.

P, my mom, and I met downtown to try the different appetizers we're going to serve for our after-lunch-before-dinner reception. We don't need anything terribly heavy, but we want plenty of variety and enough food for everyone to have something to nibble. We loved everything we tasted, and we now have this menu:

-Fried chicken skewers with honey mustard and green goddess dressings (everything's better when it's eaten on a stick)

-Crab cakes with smoked corn remoulade

-Grilled lime shrimp

-London broil with herb cream cheese

-A fruit and cheese display

SoooOOOooOOOoo good!

And guess who's serving this delightful meal?

Oh, yeah, baby.

If you live in Nashville, you're already craving mac and cheese, aren't you?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I'm a WDW CM, but at the moment I'm living in Nashvegas. Can't really make the commute.

I've been applying for jobs all over the general area for a while, but got nothing- not even a retail job, much less in theater. Quite discouraging.

I went in a few weeks ago for the alterations on my wedding dress, and I struck up a conversation with the alterations manager. I mentioned that some people had suggested I make my own wedding dress, and she said "Well, if you ever need a job, you could always apply here."

"Um," I said. "I do need one, actually."

As soon as I was out of my gown she handed me an application and I filled it out right there. A week and a half later I did a sew test and an interview, and today I got a message saying "When can you start?"

Thank you, God!!!!!! I am gainfully employed!!!!!!!

Let's Get Some Shoes

I am a shoe fiend.

P teases me often about my propensity for buying shoes. It's only exacerbated by the fact that I'm small enough to wear shoes from the children's department in Target, and they're cheaper, and so I justify my purchases by whining "But they were cheeeeaaaap."

But since that whole we-need-to-be-able-to-afford-rent thing is kind of sort of I don't know important, I haven't gotten any new shoes in a while.

However, unlike my cousin who got married barefoot, I want shoes for my wedding.

(Let me clarify a bit. Barefoot brides=awesome, but she got married indoors. In a church. In Pennsylvania. In winter. Wasn't she cold?)

So I made out a list of qualities that I wanted in my Dream Shoe.


-a decent heel

-an ankle strap

-a bow

Doesn't sound like too much, right?

But, oh yeah, I didn't want to spend too much.

Zappos, Piperlime, DSW, Baby Girl Boutique, Modcloth, and Ebay yielded nothing. NOTHING. I found some that I half-heartedly liked, but nothing that I really tremdously enjoyed.

But then I found it, like a beacon of light in a thick fog. The Dyeables' Christina!

Ankle strap. Three-inch (sturdy) heel. Bow. Even better: a retro look and a peep-toe!

I shopped around, since most people were selling my beauties for $80-$100, and found them on Ebay for $68 and free shipping. SOLD.

Only one problem: they're not blue. And I haven't found a place in Nashville that will dye shoes.

I hemmed and hawed about it. They need to be dyed, because my dress is ivory, and while I usually don't care about PERFECTLY MATCHING my shades, it's clear that these shoes are WHITE and the dress is NOT.

So I'm taking a page from one of my favorite heroines.

"Why, she wanted a pair of blue boots for Sallie's party, so she just painted her soiled white ones the loveliest shade of sky blue you ever saw, and they looked exactly like satin," added Jo, with an air of pride in her sister's accomplishments that exasperated Amy till she felt that it would be a relief to throw her cardcase at her.

If Amy March can paint her boots sky blue, surely I can paint my wedding shoes!

My painting is usually left to acrylics on paper, but last summer one of my coordinators on Sunset Boulevard asked me to paint tiger stripes on his neon orange Chuck Taylors. He gave me a bottle of Jaquard Textiles fabric dye, I spent a couple of days painting the stripes freehand, and bah-BAM. They turned out great, he loved them, and so far there's no sign of warping, streaking, or fading.

My Christinas came with a piece of test satin, so I pulled out the leftover bottle of dye and gave it a whirl.

The swatch on the top was the first part I did. See how sketchy it looks? It dried thick and cracked, and warped the edge of the sample. I realized I was painting against the grain. So I tried again.

The swatch on the right was painted with the grain. It didn't warp as much, but it still didn't cover as well as I liked.

The bottle says you can dilute the dye, so I added just a drop or two of water. The result? Perfection. That's the swatch in the middle. It dried smoothly, without streaking, and it didn't cake the surface or warp the fabric.

The swatch on the left was very diluted. That was more of an experiment than anything else. It made it very light, but the brush strokes and the edges are too distinct. It would be great if I was going for a tie-dyed effect...but alas, I am not.

So my plan is to buy a jar of Jacquard dye in a light blue and dilute it. I can't wait to see how my kick-awesome shoes turn out!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your Attendance is Demanded...

P and I never did Save the Dates. I mean, we were engaged for so long that people had March 13, 2010 blocked off on their calendars back in 2007.

But a lot of people make STDs. Usually they're just a nice picture of the couple and the date. But I saw this on Awkward Family Photos, and cracked up.

Yeah, that's a set of faces that says "We're getting married! Come and join our joyous celebration!"


That's a party I'd be thrilled to attend.

And on another Awkward Family Photos note, I would like to point out that as a first grader, I owned that hot pink windsuit.


Let The Mail Onslaught Begin!

Are you ready for the most terrifying picture you've probably ever seen?

The first mailed RSVP arrived mere moments ago!

I got my first 'yes' from Kat, but she delivered it by hand. And I got my first 'no' from Ayla, but she told me via Facebook. Today, I opened the mailbox to discover that my favorite friend Keeton will be attending the wedding.

And there is much rejoicing.


Musical Monday #19!

In light of the fact that the wedding is coming up faster than a dinosaur in a Jeep's side mirror, I need a song that motivates me. And I've discovered that when I go for a run (which for me translates as "briskly paced walk that might could pass for a jog") the best song to motivate me is:

"Shut Up" by Simple Plan

So do you want to feel motivated? Plunk this in your iTunes, give a listen when you're running, and see if it doesn't ruffle your feathers to the point that you're bolting down the pavement.

Forty days to go!

So here I am, with a brand-spanking-new blog layout! Isn't it marvelous?

I've been neglecting my blog, because I kind of went a little kamikaze with a wedding-only blog. But do you know what? I love this blog. I'm sad that I neglected it. And so now I have closed up shop on the wedding-only blog, and...um...you'll just have to see all my wedding junk here.

But just think of it this way- the wedding's in forty days, so it can't be that...


It seems like it was just yesterday that I was whining to Patrick about how our engagement was going to last forever. "Engagement Purgatory," I called it. And it was most unpleasant. I don't recommend long engagements. Give yourself just enough time to plan, and then be DONE.

But in any case, there's forty days until the wedding. It's time for this sassy-pants'd girl to kick it into MAJOR HIGH GEAR!

Monday, February 1, 2010



So, um, stay tuned.