Wednesday, July 8, 2009

True Life: I'm a Disney World Cast Member

So I'm standing in front of the big blue sorcerer's hat (stupid monstrosity). The third High School Musical show is coming out in about ten minutes. I'm working the wheelchair position, so I'm standing by my silver cones, chatting with guests and answering questions.

Up walks an older couple with a map in hand. This is not an uncommon sight. I stroll up to them, flash my "I'm a Disney Princess" smile, and inquire, "Are you looking for anything in particular?"

The gentleman looks at the big blue hat in confusion. Then he looks at his map. Then he looks at me. Then he says...

"Where's the Epcot gate?"

It is only then that I realize that the map he holds, unfurled, has EPCOT written in big letters across the top, and only then that I realize that his wife is looking around for the big white golf ball.

Maintaining my princessy smile with the greatest of struggles, I gravely inform the gentleman that he is in the wrong park. He's in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I explain to the bewildered couple that they need to go to a different location.

I thought that was all.

As they turn to leave, the gentleman asks, "But before we go, where's the restaurant with food from around the world?"

Beaming to the point that my smile's width could rival Demi Lovato's, I inform him that, "No, sir...that's in Epcot."

Once they were safely out of earshot I howled. Because really, that was fricking hilarious.
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