Monday, January 19, 2009

My first Musical Monday!

I agonized over what my first MM moment (ooh, my MMM) would be. It had to be something that meant something, that was funny but not too funny, something unusual and exciting.

I got nothin'.

But then...I finally did think of something.

And therefore, my first Musical Monday is...

"Hurray for Hollywood!"

Yeah, random, right? But there's a reason behind it.

At the time in 2006, I was working my first full-time job and living in a different state than my parents for the first time. I was only a sheltered, slightly spoiled eighteen-year-old who was stubborn as all-get-out but had never experience true independence. Even when I started college in the fall of '05, I was only thirty minutes from home. So when I went to Orlando as part of the Disney College Program, it was rather terrifying. I was thrilled to work for the Disney company, especially as a tour guide on the Great Movie Ride, but I was really nervous about living in an apartment on my own without my mommy and daddy and my happy private-Christian-school bubble. It was a genuine sink-or-swim situation.

And I definitely swam.

I worked hard. I had a good reputation amongst my coworkers. I handled my money well. I learned how to manage my own personality around other people (that's a long story...I'll explain it in some other post). I even got my first boyfriend (whom I am now marrying). And I loved every minute of it.

If you've never been on the Great Movie Ride, it's a 22-minute tram ride through great moments at the movies that have been brought to life in a combination of live action and animatronics. (How's that for a cast member spiel?) Guests enter and exit the vehicles on a loading dock that perpetually plays the same song, "Hurray for Hollywood," over and over again. And somehow I never got tired of it. That song still echoes in my brain...and my mp3 player.

I'm going to post this video for now, but when I eventually get a copy of my own show, I'll post it here!
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