Monday, January 12, 2009


It is 7:23 in the morning.

I am at work.

It is freezing.

But there is a heater under my desk.

Life is good.

...and then it kicks you in the shins like an angry two-year-old and runs away.

Why? Because one of the actors in Enchanted Attic dropped out.

It's not her fault. Her parents are making her change schools, and since they're paying for it, she has to do it. I just don't know how on ever-loving earth we're going to replace her. I don't even know if we have any options to replace her.

...maybe I could play her...

...but I doubt that will happen.

However, I do know that I will NOT allow Miss Divalicious to play the part. She auditioned and wanted it, but got a part as a pirate crony instead. She has a long-standing notoriety for being a diva, and getting promoted to a bigger part will not be an option.

So yeah. That's the current stress running through my mind. Terrific.

I just realized that three years ago today I headed for Disney World. I worked there on the College Program for a semester, and it was definitely one of the best times of my life. I just can't believe it was three years ago!

So yeah. I've got stuff to deliberate about. In the meantime, please enjoy my New Year's Resolutions.

IN 2009 I WILL...
-Write a page in my second novel every day.

-Practice voice more often.

-Exercise more regularly.

-Watch less television

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