Sunday, January 25, 2009


So I ADORE the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding gowns. I mean...I am a Disney princess.

(Shut up. I am too.)

And when Kirstie Kelly came out with her line of gowns, I knew I had to at least try them on. (My fiance's grandmother even cut the article about the new line of gowns out of the newspaper and saved it for me.) But the nearest place that carried them was in Atlanta.

But today I found out that the Bridal Gallery in Franklin carries them! I am so giddy!! I've already picked out which ones I have to try on first!!

One of the Belle gowns:
One of the Snow White gowns:
And the Giselle gown:
When I was little, Belle was my favorite. And then when I FINALLY saw Little Mermaid when I was fifteen (sad, I know...) Ariel became my favorite. And then Enchanted came out. Just so everyone knows how much I'm like Giselle, here's what Patrick's BM Michael said:

"I saw Enchanted. It was like watching Caitlin run around for two hours."

Yeah...pretty much.
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