Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The second-to-last semester begins!

Thank God for the heater under my desk. Because seriously, it's 7:12 am, and it's dang cold in here!

First two days of classes are over. How's it going down? Like this.

Script Analysis (MWF at 10)
Also known as Dramaturgy. And in Erin-language, Scriptology. Basically, we're going to read a bunch of scripts. And then we're going to analyze them. Fabulous.

World Lit I (MWF at 11)
In order to get my English minor, I just need to take two more English classes: World Lits I and II. So yeah. That's why I'm taking this class. I've had the professor before (for Modern Drama) and we're doing a lot of Greek theater, so I feel pretty prepared.

Marriage and the Christian Home (MWF at 12)
This is going to be a fun class. It's my Bible credit, but we're talking about marriage stuff! Yay! I'm pretty dang excited.

Fundamentals of Physics (TR at 8)
I just had to put off one of my GenEd courses. And it just had to be this one. On the upside, I have one of the best professors ever. P and Kat both took physics from him and said he was fabulous. Plus, P is a physics major, and he said he'll tutor me. My goal is to get my first ever A in a science class on my report card.

...or at least my first B.

...I am SO not a science person.

History of Theater I (TR at 9:25)
I keep forgetting I even have this class. Basically, we're reading (and watching) plays from the earliest Greek theater up to Shakespeare. Technically, I'm supposed to take History of Theater II, but I'm graduating in December so they're pulling some strings. Awesome.

Voice and Diction (TR at 1:20)
This is definitely the BEST CLASS EVER!!!!!! Like seriously, best ever. It's a performance-based class focused on vocal performance. We get to work on dialects, and specialize in one (although I want to do like four). And then...

...WE'RE MAKING A DEMO!!!!!!!!

I was going to ask my parents to pay money for me to record a demo with Joe, but if I can do one for free in class, I'm SO TAKING IT!!

I've been excited about theater classes before, but this is definitely the best one ever!! We're doing voiceacting!! I feel like I'm finally getting a chance to show what I can do. I'm probably gearing myself up for some kind of spectacular failure, but right now I'm so thrilled and so happy I don't even care!

Physics Lab (T at 2:45)
Aaaaaand...this is where my fabulous class schedule loses its fabulosity. It's bad enough that the lab goes form 2:45 to 5:15. It's downright hellish when the lab instructor lectures from 2:45 to 4:35. And it's not even a useful lecture. He lectures about how to round up numbers. And then he tells us "Oh, you'll have to hurry to finish this lab." It was his fault!

So yeah. That is the one downside. Thank goodness it's only once a week.

Other than lab, I'm happy with how the semester looks. I'm taking 18 hours, plus I'm directing Enchanted Attic and I have private voice lessons. They should be announcing the season for next year pretty soon, and I am hell-bent on getting into the musical. If I'm just an ensemble member, I will be the happiest girl on the planet.

Speaking of ensemble members, my sister has stepped up from tech and ensembling to a speaking part in her senior year musical. They're doing Hello Dolly and she's just thrilled. So yay! Congrats to Lindz!

Now I have to go read Oedipus Rex.
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