Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't wear polyester in Orlando...

So...I'm eventually going to blog about the past week and a half. It'll take awhile.

In the meantime, enjoy the highlights and lowlights of my shift at ToTS today.

-A woman getting angry that I put in her in the bleachers (as the theater was completely full) that she left (ducking under several ropes in the process) and sat in the handicapped section. Even though she was completely able-bodied. She told me she was mad because the row was empty and the handicapped people wouldn't need it.

-A family with "I'm celebrating" pins walked by. I asked what they were celebrating, and the mom happily said "Dad's not getting deployed!".

-A darling little boy with dimples not only waved back at me (some kids are too shy) but when I blew him a kiss, he blew it right back!

-Chatting with a lovely older couple about their plans in the park, and helping them find other attractions.

-A little girl came up in a Cinderella gown and tiara. I said "Hello, Princess Cinderella" and curtsied, and she was so happy her cheeks went pink.

-A guy asked me about where he could see "Fanastasia." Seriously. Hilarious.
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