Friday, May 29, 2009

Highlights and lowlights...of yesterday

I was too tired to do this last night...Fantasmic! training was super taxing last night. So I'm doing it now.

-I showed up early to meet my trainer, only to discover that my trainer had been scheduled somewhere else. So I did all my parade and HSM myself!

-I worked the redirect position for HSM: basically I held the rope closed, opened it for the float, closed it back up, then reopened it when it was safe. And those ropes are FRIGGING SHARP. I not only gouged my pointer finger and thumb open, but I projectile bled! Luckily, I realized fast enough to hide that hand behind my back until the guests went by.

-The first show of Fantasmic! was canceled because of the weather...people were unhappy.

-I was supergreeting with a guy named Rian, and he mentioned how great it was that I could recognize the people I had talked to earlier. It can be hard to do that sometimes...

-Because Fantasmic! was canceled, I got to see the 6-minute rain show version, called "A Taste of Fantasmic!". It rarely plays, so I was actually pretty pumped about it.

-My trainer met up with me before Fantasmic!, and she was the best trainer I've had all week.

-I am officially checked out to work Fantasmic! Yay!
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