Friday, January 29, 2010

A Yes and a No

After mailing the invitations mere days ago, we have our first two RSVPs!! We have one yes, and one no.

The yes came from MOH Kat. She was so giddy about getting the official invitation that she filled out the card the minute she got it, and flapped it in my face when I went to her apartment for movie night. I believe her exact words were "LOOK WHAT I HAVE I'M SO EXCITED THIS INVITATION IS SO PRETTY I'M OFFICIALLY COMING THIS WEDDING IS GOING TO BE THE CHIZ."

(you see why I love her?)

The no came from a dear friend from my high school days. Not only did she send the card, but she sent me a Facebook message the very day she received the invitation apologizing for not coming and explaining that she'll be in France during the wedding.

I was a bit sad that she can't come, but hey, that's a pretty awesome reason to not come. Besides, she promised to bring me back something from France. Huzzah!
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