Thursday, November 13, 2008

Audition Purgatory: Day #2

Callbacks have been posted! I am now in the running to play Ethel in Barefoot in the Park. Terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I know the two guys called back for Velasco, and I know the two guys called back for Paul really well, so I have hope that I'll do a good job relating. What scares me is that Mike, the all-powerful director, has already matched up who he wants to read together. Will I get to read four times with all four guys? Or will he have me read just once, thank me politely, and get my pity you're-a-senior-and-I-feel-obligated callback over with?

There is so much drama in theater, and it's not even on the stage.

From the other end of the table, callbacks for Enchanted Attic are tonight...which I am conducting with Ash and Deb. It's going to be fun- cold readings and improv. My favorite kind of audition, honestly. Cold readings put everyone on the same level (except for the smart overachievers like me who read it beforehand and practice, but the director doesn't know that!) and I can do improv pretty well. I wish I had a callback for Enchanted Attic's such a cute show and so much less pressure, but you takes what you can gets.

P and I are trying to pick our china patterns. Over Thanksgiving break we're going to have a big registry day, but we're still surfing around the 'nets for cool things. Who loves Kate Spade dishes? I love Kate Spade dishes.

Kate Spade June Lace

Kate Spade Library

Kate Spade Primrose

What do you think? We certainly can't decide...
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