Friday, November 28, 2008 already over.

Thanksgiving was fun. I went to P's house this year- last year he came with me to my grandparents' house, so I figured I should return the favor. I had a lot of fun...I was just so sleepy! But P and I won the game of hand and foot, so it was all good. ^_^ And I baked- spicy apple pie, pound cake, and pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Mm...

And then I got up at 7:30 this morning and went back to sewing.

I cut, sewed, and finished a dress in about 2 hours, which is nice, but the bodice for Ariel's blue dress is taking FOREVER. I expected that, especially since I'm being persnickety and understitching all of the seams, but still. Bored and frustrated. I'm probably going to move on to something more exciting in a moment. You can tell I'm bored, because I'm blogging instead of sewing. Still, though, I have a lot of work before I can take a long break and feel good about it. Oh, well.

I'm also trying to figure out how to use up my fabric scraps. I have a bin about 3' deep and 5' long that's FILLED with fabric scraps. I'm thinking about selling doll clothes online. But there's a lot of makers of American Girl doll clothes online. I think the trick is to specialize. Like Disney doll outfits, or storybook characters. Yeah. Maybe I'll try that.

I've also been revisiting my childhood today. I've watched Sleeping Beauty, the live-action Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins. Oh, good times.
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