Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hair Dramaz Part I: In which I had black hair for twenty minutes

Beau Jest opens tomorrow. And I have reddish-blondish hair. That doesn't fly. Ergo, I must dye my hair a rather dark shade.

I purchased Garnier hair dye, as that's my usual, but instead of my typical Chocolate Caramel color, I selected Sweet Cola, as it was also labeled as "darkest brown." I was going to pick a different shade, but Rebecca thought that this one would work.

At 11pm, I began dying my hair. It was great. It was fantastic. I've done this a million times. I even chatted with P while the goo sat on my locks. And then I rinsed and shampoo'd...all that good jazz.

Imagine my horror when I realized that "darkest brown," in Garnier-language, translates as "GUESS WHO LOOKS LIKE WEDNESDAY ADDAMS?! YOU, BEEYOTCH!"

Terrible. Simply terrible.

I washed it several times and blew it dry. Still terrible. I hopped back in the shower and washed it about four more times, this time with dish soap. Nothin'. Still black. And there ain't no fixin' it.

And the show opens in less than 24 hours.


By now, it's midnight. I alerted my father, and an emergency run to a 24-hour Walgreens ensued. Thus armed with Color Oops! and Garnier in "Truffle" (or "medium natural brown," as they're claiming at the moment) I returned home and immediately set to work.

So now I'm sitting around with Color Oops! soaking into my poor hair. It smells like someone mixed fertilizer with industrial bleach, but at least this should save my color. In about five more minutes, I'll rinse it out. Then I'll blow it dry. Then it's time for color round #2.

I'm just scared that my hair will freak out. I mean, after all, it's pretty fine. I have a lot of it, but it's really fine.

But before I leave to rinse out my hair, I offer a picture (captured via my cell phone camera) of my gothic princess hairstyle.

It's just awful. It just soaks up all the light, like it's some kind of parasite.

Parasite hair. Great.
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