Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When things don't always go as planned

I thought I would write a rather jolly post about my floral inspiration board from, but right now, it's the last thing on my mind. It's been a really, really rough day.

Today began with an argument with my father, followed by a World Lit II exam I wasn't properly prepared for and two hours' worth of shop practicum, where I had to use a radial saw and build a 14' tall flat with curved edges. (Which is a pain.) Then I had to sit around and wait for rehearsal until 8:30, and I just now got home.

On top of that, this weekend heralds the end of Beau Jest. We perform Friday and Saturday, then strike the set on Saturday night. I've worked so hard on this show, and finally got a lead, and now none of my best friends (and BMs) are coming to see it.

The worst part is that today marks one week since my grandfather passed away. Some of my friends have been really sweet about it, making sure I'm okay and asking how my family's doing. Some of my friends- suprisingly, some of my long-term friends- haven't even mentioned it.

There are some days where it just seems like nothing goes right. I hate it, but it's inevitable.

So I called P and talked his ear off. I had a little bit of a cry (more of a tearing-up). And I drank a hot cup of peach black tea. So life is looking up.

Besides, tomorrow will be better.
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