Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two days left!

Rehearsal last night went...decently well. It was kind of rough, because we now have all tech and all costumes and all transitions, and we don't have them all down yet. The other main problem is our energy levels. They keep tanking. It's easy to enter with energy, but it's hard to keep it up when the rest of the cast is lost in self-consciousness.

Also, I was relieved that Vali didn't come observe. I love Vali, but I know that I'm not a very good practitioner of the acting technique she teaches. But instead of Vali, Chris came. He came, he gave excellent notes, he didn't pull any punches. Marvelous.

I think tonight is going to go well. I feel like Erin and Caleb are really going to take it up, and once they're on the right track, the rest of the show will follow.

Today is my last day as a redhead...for the moment. Tomorrow morning, I shall be a brunette. The color is Garnier Sweet Cola. So basically, as close to black as possible. It's going to freak me out, but I'll rock it hardcore. I know I shall.

In other news...I don't really have any other news. Right now, Beau Jest is EATING MY LIFE.

And I love it.

Ever'body better come see it. Or I will weep copiously.

No, seriously. I will.

I feel like I talk all the time about my acting experience, but this is the first time that I've gotten a big part at Lipscomb. I feel like I have to prove to everybody that I'm not a poser and I really can act.

And it makes me sad that a lot of people aren't coming. We run for three different weekends, and apparently none of them fit in their busy schedules. And yea and verily, I do weep.

But right now I have to look over that dang Sylvia Klein argument. It's gonna kill me.
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