Monday, September 28, 2009

Musical Monday #16! (I'm baaaack!)

With my summer lapse in blogging, I missed out on Musical Monday goodness. :( But now I'm back, chock full of new songs and sadness that I missed a fantastic theme series! Oh, well.

So. The theme is "my first concert."

Rewind to the late '90s. I was a seventh grader, and my absolute all time most favoritest band was Five Iron Frenzy. They were a Christian ska group that balanced super silly pop culture songs with really deep stuff- pretty much the precursor to Reliant K. (They also did the occasional Tom Jones or ELO cover).

Well, I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, mere minutes from the tiny college town of Wilmore. Wilmore has been the home of the Christian edition of Woodstock, the Ichthus music festival, pretty much since the beginning of Woodstock. And Five Iron Frenzy played opening night there every year. And I finally got to go!

They were amazing and fantastic and hilarious. I screamed out all the lyrics to "Suckerpunch" and "Dandelions" and "RIOT Gear" with all the power in my little middle schooler body. And then I got their autographs afterwards! They signed this super dorky denim hat that I decorated with stripes of gold fabric paint. Even Jeff the Girl! (She was my favorite. Her real name is Lenore, but she's the only girl in the band. She played the saxophone.)

My favorite silly song by them was "Pants: The Rock Opera." It's hilarious. It never fails to make me giggle in the (gasp!) ten years I've loved FIF. And these goofy college guys apparently love them as much as I do, because they made this video, reenacting the tale of the pants.

Ah. Classic middle school humor. Love it.
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