Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas? Really?

It seriously does not feel like Christmas. Is it really in four days?! I have almost no presents for people!

On the upside, I've made plans with Kat for a Rock Band/Pancake Pantry day, and with Rose for one of our patented Movie Bonanzas. And I'm probably going to host some kind of party at some point.

I just spent way, way too much money at JoAnn's. They're projects I've been planning on, but still...a lot more money than I wanted. But I'm going to make:

-Butterick 4567 in red, possibly with a black underlay

-Butterick 5272 in cream with gold buttons and an old-timey sailing ship lining (It's based on the coat that Miley Cyrus and Miranda Cosgrove wore in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Did anyone else notice they wore the same coat? I sure did! It was hilarious.)

-A circle skirt with a blue-and-brown damask print.

-Some kind of green jumper. Or dress. Or something. I don't know. I'll make it up.

-A pink and white coat to match this bike that I hope I get for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I left my camera card reader at the dorm. So unless my sister decides to use my camera during the trip to Paris and I use hers, or her card reader works with mine, we'll just have to wait on pictures until the second week of January. Sad day.
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