Sunday, December 7, 2008


The production of Shorts! (and particularly my scene) went really, really, really well. Mike was pleased. My cast had a great time. The audience loved it. We took production photos yesterday, so hopefully I can post those soon, because they're going to be fabulous.

The show went like this:

Act I
"Misreadings" by Neena Beeber (about an English professor and a failing vapish student who misunderstand each other; the student commits suicide later)
"Sure Thing" by David Ives (a couple in a coffee shop; the two hit a bell in order to "redo" things and get the answers they want)
"Baseball is Life" by Chris Peck (an original piece- very good, but very talky. A man puts his dream of baseball ahead of everything else)

Act II
"Words, Words, Words" by David Ives (three monkeys typing into infinity will sooner or later type Hamlet- but they don't know what it is)
"The Man Who Couldn't Dance" by Jason Katims (a former couple talk about what went wrong and ponder life)
"The Actor's Nightmare" by Chris Durang (a bewildered accountant wanders through a Noel Coward play, Hamlet, and a version of Samuel Beckett's Endgame)

All in all, it went over really well. I just need to finish and turn in my production binder.

Now I need to study for exams, learn my lines for Advanced Acting, and get ready for Enchanted Attic! The first cast meeting is on Tuesday, and I'm pretty excited.

And soon I'll be able to post something other than theater!
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