Monday, December 8, 2008

Sixteen Things You Didn't Know About Me

This has been running all over Facebook, and everyone's tagged me. So yeah. It's here, too. Just following the trend mindlessly...and it's fun!

1) I flipped off a bicycle when I was eleven and cracked my skull. I swore I would never ride a bike again...but somehow a pink Schwinn ended up on my Christmas list for this year.

2) I was not allowed to watch most Disney films when I was a child. In fact, I didn't see The Little Mermaid until I was fifteen. Maybe that explains some of my obsession...

3) I was so sure I would never get married that I made a plan- graduate with degrees in theater and art, work as storyboader and scratchtrack artist in LA, and start adopting kids once I turned 30. Now my plan is to graduate with a degree in theater next December, get married on March 13, 2010, get a theater-related job, and start a family a few years after that. I like that plan a lot more.

4) Other teenagers rebel with sex, drugs, and alcohol. (Who was waiting for "rock 'n' roll? Ooooh, got you.) I rebelled by purchasing Harry Potter paraphernalia.

5) I just started writing two blogs- a normal everyday life blog (, and one with all of my sewing projects (

6) I sew a lot, but I only started sewing about a 1 1/2-2 years ago. But I'm trying to get to the point of making most of my own clothes, and I'm starting to make custom stuff for people.

7) I spent three years developing and writing a book, which I finished in June. Now I'm working on the second in the 12-book series, and I hope to get it published. Also, the main character's house really exists. Look for the purple Victorian on Hillsboro; it's exactly where I imagine Beatrice lives.

8) I am in love with names. I have a running list of my favorites, so when Patrick and I have babies, they will have heavily embroidered names. Top favorites at the moment: Colin, Gabriel, and Leo for boys, and Avonlea, Alice, and Lucy for girls.

9) I am addicted to Sprite. I am getting to the point that I drink Sprite the way Rose drinks Dr. Pepper. Not quite to the same extent yet...but close.

10) I easily obsess over things. I become a fangirl to the nth degree. It can get pretty crazy sometimes, but I'm not nearly as bad as I used to be. Which is scary, if you know how obsessive I can be now.

11) I was classified as clinically depressed at the age of eleven and put on a suicide watch, but showed signs as early as six years old. Whoa, heavy. Let's go back to the fun stuff.

12) Since I'm a quarter-inch shy of being 5'0", I'm legally classified as a midget. I can get a handicapped pass just for being freaking short!

13) I've wanted to be a voice actress since I was but a wee lass. When people ask me why I watch so much animation, I tell them it's market research. And now I can identify almost any voice actor. I even identified Jason Mardsen on a gasp.

14) I've wanted a teacup shorthair Yorkshire Terrier since I was seven years old. I've never had a pet (besides the ant farm I accidentally killed as a kindergartner), so I've talked Patrick into letting me get one after we're married.

15) A lot of people tease me about being a 1950s housewife. But I secretly love it. The cooking, the sewing, the plans for babies, the constant wearing of cutesy dresses...I like all those things. So it's all good.

16) I'm getting married in one year, three months, one week, five days, and seven hours. And no, I am NOT making my wedding dress, despite pressure to do so. Do you think I want to go through my last semester of school, two or three shows, last-minute wedding planning, house hunting, job hunting, AND making a ginormous wedding dress? No, thank you.
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