Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First rehearsal of Enchanted Attic last night. What did I learn?

-I am not good at rehearsal schedules.

-The people we cast as the kids are FABULOUS together.

-Gender-bending galore.

-It will be a cold day in hell before a minor character gets a personal choreographer hired for them.

-Costumes are going to be SO PRETTY.

-Ash will eat me if I'm late again.

But yeah. The readthrough went really well last night. I think this cast is going to work really well together.

I'm on such a major sewing kick right now. It's awesome. I'm planning out about three or four months worth of sewing. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. I'm so excited. Christmas break will be AMAZING in the sewing department.

I was thinking about having a Dead Day party. But since Dead Day is tomorrow, I don't think that's happening. Sadness. Oh, well. I'll eventually have a Christmas party. It'll be awesome.

I just discovered a new clothing website that I LOVE called Their stuff is so awesome! They have a fabulous clock that I desperately want:

Is that not completely and utterly amazing! Thanks to Courtney for finding the site for me. ^_^

I have to memorize my lines. I MUST memorize my lines. I have the Down the Road scene down just about perfectly, but I really need to learn the scene from My Cup Ranneth Over. Like really.
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