Friday, December 5, 2008

Titling something "hell week" is always a great conversation starter

That's right, kids, it's hell week. That wonderful time of year when every exhausted theater student is scrambling to remember lines, gathering costume pieces, and spending four hours a night in the theater when they would really rather be sleeping.

Our last dress rehearsal was last night, and we open TODAY! It's really going to be fabulous. And just to prove how fabulous it's going to be, here is a sneak preview of my monkeys:

Aren't they amazing? I might be getting a DVD of the performance, and if I do, the link is going up here! Also, please note the tire swing in the background. It is a real, actual tire swing that the three actors play around on. It's so awesome.

I had my director's evaluation with Mike yesterday. And even though I was terrified, it could not have gone better. The only negative thing he had to say about me is that I'm a people pleaser, which leads me to taking on too many projects. Which I know quite well. On the upside, he has seen a lot of progress in me as a director and that I have a lot of talent for it- which I wasn't expecting at all. He also thanked me and complimented me profusely on my work for Lighting of the Green, and that was quite gratifying.

I don't think I ever explained what Lighting of the Green was. Every year Lipscomb University hosts a big concert led by Amy Grant and a bunch of other people in front of the bell tower on campus, and people from all over Nashville come to see it. This year, the theater department was asked to supply characters, either Dickens or Disney, to walk around during the event and talk to people. So it was like working at Disney World again. But within a week and a half, I cast and costumed 20+ people. It was a ton of work, especially since I had to make so many pieces from scratch. But yeah. Mike was very enthusiastic and pleased about the job I did. On to what I was talking about...

It looks like I'll get an A in Beginning Directing. That's really making me happy. My grades have gotten a lot better this semester, which I really needed. All in all, it's been a better semester than usual.

Life is going to settle down a bit after this weekend. The show will be over. Classes will be almost over. Soon I'll be home for Christmas, stitching away at my sewing machine and poring over wedding magazines with P. Hopefully my blog will have less of a one-track mind then. Maybe it'll be more interesting, and people will actually read it. :(

I really want to write a blog about how my fiance and I met and all that. It's a pretty cute story, and I need to remind myself that, beyond all of this theater stuff, I've got a real life.
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