Saturday, December 20, 2008

No place like home...

I am HOME!!! Hurrah!!

I moved back home for Christmas break on Wednesday night...Thursday P came over for a while...Friday was the big church youth group party (I am one of the middle school lifeguards, which basically means I'm a super-hands-on Sunday School teacher). So today is the first time I went online.

But yeah. It's fabulous to be at home. My own cozy bedroom...a real's fantastic.

Thank you so much for all the comments this week!! I feel so special being a Saucy blogger. ^_^ Hopefully I'll have time soon to check out all of your blogs and return the kind comments.

I got my grades back!
Lifetime Fitness: D
First Aid and Emergency Care: D
Advanced Acting: C
Gospel of Mark for Women: B
Shakespeare's Tragedies: B (that was a hard class!!)
Beginning Directing: A
Costuming Practicum: A
Private Voice: A

So yeah. I could have done better, but the beginning of the semester was really difficult. But I picked up the pace at the end and everything turned out all right. And now I don't have to think about anything school related until January. YAY!

One of my BFFs, Kat (who is also my maid of honor) is hangin' out today, and we're going to meet Emma (who's also a bridesmaid) for sushi and watching Friends DVDs. And probably Rent. If you haven't seen that, you should. It's a terrific show, and it also singlehandedly revived the American musical in the early 90s. If you're into musical theater, it's a big part of the genre's history.

Aaaaand the theater lesson is over. *ahem*

I need to get P's Christmas present. Seriously. It's five days for Christmas, and I've got nothing. Yikes...five days?! Doesn't seem like it. Not at all.

But yeah. I think this will be a lovely Christmas break.
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