Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Things...because there's nothing else to do...

I'm so anxious about Disney I can't write anything interested. I provide, instead, an internet meme.

1) While I've always enjoyed soda (especially Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Jones Green Apple), it's never been that much of a vice for me. But over the past two months I got addicted to Pepsi, and now it's so hard to say no...

2) I didn't date in high school and was attracted to very few boys. Ergo, my high school theater teacher thought I was a lesbian.

3) However, once I did start dating, I was done. P was my first and last boyfriend (as well as my first and last first kiss).

4) When I was little, I desperately wanted freckles. I have very few, but occasionally I develop new ones. I have five tiny freckles in a straight line from the corner of my left eye, and it looks kind of cool.

5) I tend to get obsessive over things. The first truly memorable one was my obsession over the movie Anastasia (1997). Man, I loved that thing. I even have the music box.

6) I started writing fanfiction as a middle-schooler. I ended up getting really popular online, so now I have 200+ people who have me marked as a favorite author...even though I don't write often anymore.

7) I'm super-good at organizing things...I just can never manage to keep everything organized...

8) I hate talking on the phone. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Even if I know you and love you, sometimes I won't answer the phone...I'll sit there and listen to it ring, listen to the voicemail you leave, and text you back.

9) I love flowers. Love, love, love. Especially lilies of the valley and yellow roses. I've always wanted a garden.

10) I first realized I wanted to be a voice actor when I was about seven or eight years old and started listening to the Focus on the Family radio show Adventures in Odyssey.

11) I'm easily manipulated and intimidated by people, especially if they're older than I am.

12) I know way too much about animation, especially if it's Disney. I'm a walking trivia guide, man!

13) I can navigate around every Walt Disney World park (except Animal Kingdom) with my eyes closed. And I can tell you the best places to find characters. And I know when to get onto which rides.

14) I don't draw or play the piano anymore because of my wrists. I'm also not allowed to write with normal writing utensils. That's why I carry my faithful laptop Sokka around.

15) I name inanimate objects. It gives you something to call it when things go wrong.

16) While cosplay and anime cons wereruined for me, I still wish I could afford to make some completely amazing cosplays. And then sit around at home in them. Or make Youtube videos. Either one.

17) Speaking of cosplays, it is my dream to the Ultimate Toph Bei Fong Cosplayer. Because I am a nerd. But seriously, there's finally a fun character I could pull off.

18) I have always always always wanted a Yorkshire terrier. I shall name him Speed Racer and carry him in the basket of my retro Barbie-pink Schwinn bicycle. (I always said I would name him Telligrue...but I think Telligrue will be a middle name. Because COME ON! This:

named Speed Racer?! How much better can that get?!

19) I can recite the first chapter of C.S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as well as various and sundry other passages of books.

20) My dream in life is to be an action figure. Well, to voice a character that is made into an action figure and sold at Target and various comic conventions.

21) I wish I could still draw.

22) The only things I've ever won were a Trevecca visor from speech meet and tickets to a Gwen Stefani concert. Which I did not go to.

23) I used to play Oregon Trail (the original one) like a fiend. That, and American Girl Premiere. That's about as far as I got on the video game front.

24) I'm usually writing something story-related, no matter what I'm doing. Even when I"m far from my lappie, I'm scripting scenes and characters in my head.

And the last one! Finally!

25) I always wanted to have lots and lots of siblings. Or at least a brother. But nope, just a sister.

Hope this was entertaining!
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