Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some musings...

I am now officially the only female member of the Lipscomb University theater ministry team. It's pretty exciting! I met with Chris and Josh last night and they worked with me on my pieces. They were both really happy with what I picked and how I was interpreting it, so I'm really happy.

I formally accepted my program offer; now on to the onslaught of preparation. I'm definitely more confident this time around, since I know what to expect. I'm thinking of piecing together a kind of guide to the Disney College Program, so you're probably going to see a sudden rush of CP-related stuff. Just so you're forewarned...

Tomorrow night I'm going to the meeting about the April children's show. I'm so hyped! I haven't been on any kind of stage in a year. A whole year! The last time that happened I was in kindergarten.

And now for the more serious stuff...

To be terribly, horribly honest, I forgot about Lent.

I grew up in several different denominations (Baptist, then Christian and Missionary Alliance, then non-denominational, then Presbyterian, and now Church of Christ) as well as several different private schools (Presbyterian, then Baptist, now Church of Christ), and really, none of them really put any emphasis on Lent. Well, the Presbyterians did some, but not really. It wasn't until I moved to CoC that I met a large collective of people who actually followed Lent.

So I didn't even think about this year's Lent until I read a post by a friend of mine (she played Tillie in The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds when I played Janice). She's deleting her Facebook account for all of Lent.

Now, that's commitment.

I've seen other friends give up all kinds of things for Lent. My friend Rose, for example gave up Dr. Pepper one year and popcorn another. Now, I don't know if you know her, but that's basically what Rose lives on.

I've thought about what I could give up, but nothing seemed to stick out to me. Pretty much every vice I have, I've been able to give it up on the short term: soda, television, internet usage, desserts. There's not really anything I can seem to think of that would make a big enough impact over the course of Lent.

So I'm going to do my own spin on Lent. Instead of giving up one particular thing for Lent, I'm going to focus more on how I honor God with my body. The Bible says our body is God's temple...mine's a little rundown.

I mean, a big part of college is eating junk food at 2am and lounging around the student center, right? But if God worked so hard to create me, why am I treating his work like crap?

My plan is to focus more on what I eat and exercising. I tend to eat whatever, and occasionally I work out, but I want to make a drastic change, and I want to do it for the right reasons.

Plus, I figure that 30 minutes on a cardio machine is a great time to open my Bible and read, rather than forgetting until super late at night and thinking Oh, I'm too tired. I'll do it later...because then I never get around to it.

I guess you could say that for Lent I'm giving up physical self-centeredness.

(at least that sounds fancy if people ask what I'm doing for Lent...)
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