Friday, February 13, 2009

One performance down, three more to go!

The first performance went over pretty well yesterday! It's always so different to go from dress rehearsals in perfect conditions to the actual show. And the actual show conditions translates as "five hundred kindergarteners unable to sit still."

Projection could have been stronger, energy could have been higher. The script could have been BETTER WRITTEN. Also, the ASM shouldn't have walked onstage in full lights to close the puppet theater. But still, it was a good performance, especially since so many cast members are feeling sick. Especially poor Freida. She keeps calling it the black lung, though, which we all giggle at.

This is off-topic, but I hate people who talk to themselves. And breathe through their mouths. Like the girl in the computer lab right now. Ugh. Shoot me.

Anyways, we have our second performance tonight. Hopefully things will be even better!
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