Friday, February 27, 2009

I get to be onstage again!!!

Last night we had auditions for the children's play...and I get to play Missy!! I'm so friggin' excited.

It's a funny little retelling of the Three Little Pigs, and Missy is the sticks pig with a personality reminiscent of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Although when I was reading for her, some of Portia from the Mighty B! crept in...but I played it differently than everyone else, and maybe that's what got me the part.

I really don't care about analyzing it. I'm so so happy to be in a show!!

We get to perform at several daycares and schools during the month of April, and December we're adding a second act to the show, where the Big Bad Wolf tells his side of the story. And at that point, we're going to be a mainstage show! We get to perform in Collins, and kids will come in to see us. I'm seriously thrilled about that. I'm freaking guaranteed to be in a show next semester, and that makes me feel a lot better.

This has been a really, really good week.

I went out for sushi, ice cream, and book-browsing last Friday with Daniella and Shannon.

I went on my birthday date (lunch and seeing Coraline in 3D) with P on Saturday.

I hit up Flattestan for a big birthday dinner and awesome Rock Band session on Saturday night.

I got accepted to the Disney Alumni Program!!

I got A's on my Gilbert and Sullivan and Shakespeare projects for Voice and Diction, and I think I did well on my storytelling project.

I impressed one of the most intimidating members of the theater department with my work ethic, introspection, and acting ability.

I've worked out for 30-60 minutes every day this week.

I nailed my audition for the children's show and got a good part.

And I'm going out to dinner with friends tonight.

I'm so thankful for a good life and a good week. Now, if only every week could be like this...
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