Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Nancy" is a great adjective

One of the actresses in Enchanted Attic keeps using "nancy" as an adjective and it cracks me up. Like when we were blocking out the kung fu fight in the chase scene, and she's like "Oh, I can't actually hurt you, I'm such a nancy." Ah, good times.

Our run-throughs have gone really well. We moved from our rehearsal space to the official performance space on Sunday, and Ash and I expected things to be pretty train-wrecky when we started rehearsing on the real stage. Not so! Everything's going really smoothly. The past two nights we've done a run-through, then gave notes, then ran some trouble spots. And bam! All in all, we're pretty pleased.

Mike the Almighty Director is announcing the season for next year tomorrow. I have literally had nightmares every night this week about because I'm so anxious. It'll be my last semester, after all, and my last musical here. Sad days. But here's some of my suspicions:

1) Guys and Dolls: I don't hate this show, but I don't love it. Sarah Brown gets on my last nerve. If we were doing it, I'd shoot for Adelaide. She's all nasally and it's great. But I don't think we'll do it; the theater department did it in the late 90s, and we try to not repeat shows.

2) My Fair Lady: I would love it if we did this show. I've been singing it since I was 10, and it's fabulous. I'd definitely try for Eliza. But alas, not only would I probably not get the part (my high range is weeeeeaaaaak) but we probably aren't doing this one. Not dancey enough.

3) Pajama Game: Don't want to do this. Really campy. Don't have a clue if Mike is thinking it, though!! It's definitely the wild card.

4) Godspell: This was in the running last season. Eh, I'd be up for it. I don't think we'll do it though...not dancey enough, and we just did a Bible-story-based-play.

5) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: OMFG. If we did this show, I would explode in joy. Seriously. I'd shoot for Millie, but if I got to play a bride (especially Alice or Dorcas) it would make my life. And this is the on I think Mike will pick!! It's dancey, it's a big-scale production, and we've never done it here.

So yeah. That's what my money's on. But if I got to pick the musical...

-Les Miserables (Eponine)

-Into the Woods (Baker's Wife or Little Red)

-The Secret Garden (Mary or Martha)

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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