Monday, February 16, 2009

Musical Monday #5!

I had to look up last week's MM to rememeber what number this was...

This week's Musical Monday is very, very special, in that it has a great deal of different music and even more sentimental value. This is the pirate chase scene that I put together for Enchanted Attic, the show I just directed.

This was honestly the hardest part for me. I had throw out the script and come up with something funny and imaginative that allowed the actors show off how awesome they were, and that used our set. It took an entire 2 1/2-hour rehearsal to block this, and they were always so tired afterwards, but they did a fantastic job and the audience thought it was hysterical.

So here it is! The pirate chase scene from Enchanted Attic. Now you can see what I was agonizing over for the past month and a half...

(it wouldn't let me embed. Let me go cry now...)

But anyways, here's the music I used for the scene (which makes it qualify for a Musical Monday! Yes!...yes? Maybe? If I beg hard?"

"Hide and Go Sneak (score)" from Peter Pan

"Two Hornpipes (score)" from Pirates of the Caribbean

"To the Rescue (score)" from Nightmare Before Christmas

"Sootballs (score)" from Spirited Away

"Tsugaru" from DDR: Max 2

"Theme from Jaws" from...well, I'm going to have to say Jaws

"Jack Sparrow (score) from Pirates of the Caribbean
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