Sunday, February 15, 2009

And...another show over

Enchanted Attic closed last night, after a decent run. We had about 150 at each open-to-the-public performances, which is definitely good.

Now I have to write a post-mortem...which is a fancy term for "what do you think went well, and what do you think could have gone better?". And then I get to talk it over with Mike and Deb. Should be interesting, but it'll be nice to know what Mike thought of the show.

I think it was a really good show, but it had one terrifically bad weakness: poor dialogue. The story and the physical comedy were perfect for children, but the dialogue was so high-brow that it was definitely meant for adults. So weird! Also, the physical comedy vanished after the first act, because there was no real opportunity to use it. Dangit.

And now I have nothing to do for the rest of the semester but perfect my audition for Guys and Dolls. Which I'm honestly getting excited about. I haven't been onstage in a year and it feels so odd.

Oh! And I'm twenty-two now! It's pretty astounding. I keep thinking I'm about seventeen or so...but I'm not. So weird.

But I spent my whole birthday day with fun people doing fun things. And I had candy. Lots of candy. And SO MANY FLOWERS!!!!! Emma got me flowers, and Rose got me flowers, and P gave me the most beautiful bouquet of yellow roses...which I love. Makes my day.
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