Monday, March 2, 2009

Musical Monday #7!

I must preface this with a warning. This song, while hilarious, is about 90% profanity. Now, while I am not one to drop cusswords, I do think this is hysterical. at your own risk!

The reason I picked this song is...well, I'm not sure. Ashley, the girl I directed Enchanted Attic with, played this for us during rehearsal one day and it became the unofficial theme song. We would wander around singing "Oh my effing s, it's a dinosaur..." under our breaths, because it got stuck in our heads.

And it's funny. And right now, I felt like picking a funny song. Why? Because I'm getting evicted.

The powers-that-be have declared new rules about what areas of the dorms are going to be freshman-only. One of them is my floor, so I'm getting kicked out. I've lived in the same dorm building since I was a freshman, and I've had the same room for the past three years. I only have one semester left, and I have to spend it in a strange dorm.

So I'm going to cheer myself up and listen to the dinosaur song.


(that's the noise of me sticking my tongue out at The Man, by the way)

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