Wednesday, March 18, 2009

D-day! (dress day)

That's right! Today is the first day of dress searching!

To be honest, I'm a little nervous. I mean, this is a BIG DEAL. It has to be "the one"...and it has to be the right price. Plus, I always get anxious about trying on clothes. So this could potentially be really interesting...

Last night was a ton o' fun. P and I headed over to hang with Lora and Anthony for St. Patrick's Day. She made shepherd's pie, and I brought Irish soda bread and vanilla chocolate chip cake (I was on a baking frenzy), and there was green beverages (with awesome cups and straws!) to be had. Then we watched Baby Mama and some Will Ferrell goodness while we played hand and foot (which Lora and I DOMINATED at. Seriously. It was spectacular).

And do you know what else is spectacular? The adorable pink gingham dress I got at Target for $21.99.

Seriously, how cute? It's the first dress I've purchased, rather than made, in probably a year. But on the downside, I did not find a single pair of shoes that I just loved. How sad is that? Oh, well. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.


P has his own blog. It's so nerdy and awesome. ^_^
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