Sunday, March 29, 2009

What starts with 'b'?

I was tagged by Lora over at Take Me the Way I Am to do this are ten things I love that start with the letter B!!

(this is just like Sesame Street!)

#1: Baking: I absolutely LOVE baking. I started with biscuits at the tender age of eight, and then moved onto cookies, then cakes, then pies. Mm, pies.

#2: Books: That was my first word. Not even kidding. I was sitting in my crib when my mom came in and I pointed to my bookshelf and said "books!". She handed me one, and then I said "thanks!". Polite and well-read at an early age. But seriously, love me some books. I currently have shelves that wrap around my room that are nearly full of books.

#3: Bridal...ness: I made up a word. I've had two years to revel in being a bride-to-be, and I've got one more to go. I really enjoy all the white, fluffy goodness.

#4: Bubble baths: Ooh, I got four b's out of that one! But yes, nothing is nicer than a bubble bath. :)

#5: Babies: Oh, how I love babies. P and I want five of them. :)

#6: in Jason Robert: All right, so I cheated a little bit, but he is one of my all time favorite Broadway composers. He did Parade, Last Five Years, Songs for a New World...and he plays the piano.

#7: Braids: I love braiding my hair, even if it doesn't necessarily suit me. Actually, my hair's braided right now. And I am LOVING IT.

#8: Babbling: It's true. Whether I'm talking or writing, I love it when words are just comin' out. :)

#9: Bows: Not even kidding. I love bows. Any kind of frippery, actually.

(also, who else loves the word "frippery"?)

And finally:

#10: Blogging: What would I be like without a fun place to babble?

All right...if your name begins with C, K, A, or D, I wanna see you do this!! And your letter is...L!
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