Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why can I never think up a decent title?

I am sick. Unpleasantly sick. Not sick enough to warrant a trip to the doctor or get sent home from the dorm (that was last year), but sick enough to be terribly uncomfortable and skip classes for two days so I can lie around watching CSI and CSI: New York and feel sorry for myself.

Now I'm trying to do my Script Analysis homework really fast. Did I do it during all my free time? No. I was too busy watching the CSI lab in Las Vegas try to figure out precisely how a twelve-year-old boy died in a dryer.

I just now found out that one of my besties JUST NOW found out I was going to Disney. I was so sad. It was all over Facebook! I figured she knew!

buuuuut it was a fail.

On the wedding-related front, I'm thinking about going waaay on a limb on what the bridesmaids should carry. I'm thinking about having them carry lanterns instead of flowers. Pretty white or silver ones, with white LED candles inside. I think it's a pretty cool idea, and Kat and Rose like it.

Also wedding-related, this tie is AWESOME! Think I can convince P to wear it?
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