Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mm, retail therapy!

Last night I rounded out the first day of dress shopping with a look-see at Jessica McClintock. It's pretty stuff, and it's inexpensive stuff. However, I was a mite disappointed. I tried on two dresses, and instantly discovered that the dresses were wearing me. I was hoping one of these dresses would work- I mean, they were in the $300-$500, and a lot cheaper than the two dresses I lurved but are a lot pricier (they were both $1,500). But yeah. I was drowning. And my mother saw them and mentally compared them to the dresses I tried on earlier, and quickly decided that even though a different dress would be pricier, it would be worth to have a nice one. So yeah.

Today didn't start out very thrilling. I mean, really...who schedules a dentist appointment at freaking 7:30 in the morning? (The answer is: my mother). But my dad made it up. He took me and my sister to Pancake Pantry (pecan pancakes are SCRUMPTRULESCENT) and then shopping at Opry Mills. So guess what I found?

-a blue knee-length "town gown" from Old Navy

-a white tee shirt with cap sleeves from Old Navy

(When I tried on the town gown and the tee shirt together, Lindsay commented that I looked like Belle- I even had my hair in a low pony. I snarkily replied that she should give me a basket and book so I could walk through the village singing, and the dressing room attendant cracked up.)

-Navy and white polka dot shoes, also from Old Navy

-Khakis from Gap that ROCK MY WORLD. Seriously. Not only were they $12.99, but they were TWO SIZES SMALLER than what I used to wear! Hence, the ALL-CAPS REJOICING.

-A SERIOUSLY FANTASTIC figure of Speed Racer. He's got one of those little suctiony thingies so he can hang on a window, and as soon as I get a car I'm going to name it the Mach 5 and hang that cute kid up in the window.

And in the meantime, I am going to lounge. And read Artemis Fowl. Why? Because I am seriously in love with that kid. I mean it. You hate him in the first book, but then you hit Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox and you just want to give him a big kiss on the top of the head and tell him it's all okay. Of course, he would respond to that by straightening his Armani tie, telling you that public displays of affection are most uncouth, and reassuring you that he had everything under control in the first place. But that's why you have to love him anyway.
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