Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I missed Musical Monday for the first time!!!

I haven't missed a MM since it started up. But I missed it yesterday. :( But that's what happens when I go home for spring break, and the only way I get to use the computer is if Lindz decides to sleep in. Hence, this morning update.

(But on the upside, my CD has been wending its way to Diane. Have you gotten it yet?)

P and I celebrated our three-years-down, one-more-to-go anniversary on Friday. Our annual tradition is to go to Cheesecake Factory. That place is SO MUCH FUN. Plus, I got my first sour apple martini. Not only did I love it, but Mr. I-Don't-Much-Care-For-Alcohol loved it too! It was super exciting.

Then we had our engagement party. It wasn't so much a "let's celebrate our engagement" party as it was a "OMG we've been engaged for two years and survived, now we've hit the 1-year countdown" party. I made white chicken chili and cheddar cornbread biscuits, he made white chocolate fudge cake. And there was Rock Band. So I think it was a success.

Yesterday was the first official day of spring break. I celebrated by being lazy. Well, I worked on wedding stuff, but sitting on your bed in your PJs cutting out pretty pictures from magazines definitely falls into the laziness category.

Today...well, today shall be a little crazier. Two loaves of Irish soda bread to bake, DDR to play (my favoritest workout ever), gown shops to check times and appointments on (and BMs to see if they can come), and Target to shop at...because it's already time to buy all the crap I'll need in Orlando. I'm getting prepared now...
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