Monday, March 9, 2009

Musical Monday #8!

Today's song is rather random, but it's a good time.

I've always been a...well, let's just say quirky girl. When I was in high school, I discovered the joys of Japanese pop music. I quickly became a fangirl of Puffy AmiYumi, Morning Musume, and Megumi Hayashibara, much to the confusion of my Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys-loving friends. (Wait, were they still in back then? I can't even remember.) In any case, I listened to my beloved J-pop all the time, until I was in college and P started introducing me to more rockish kind of stuff.

But P played this song for me, and it brought back all kinds of fun memories. Plus, you've got to give kudos to any three-person band where everyone sings, including the drummer. How does she do that?

So this is Stereo Pony (Japanese band names are fantastic!) with a song title I can't pronounce.

And in other news...

P and I have discovered a small snag in our wedding planning. We're set on getting married in the great hall of our church, then flipping the space to make it our reception. The thing is, since we're getting married on a Saturday night, there's a fee to change the space from the usual church layout. How much of a fee? About $1,000 worth!

That's $1,000 we'd rather not spend. P is going to talk to the guy in charge about it and see if we can work something out. If not, we'll just suck it up and find the money. It would be cheaper to go ahead and pay that than try to find somewhere else that can accommodate us.

(Also, spell check just informed me I can't spell "accommodate" on my own. I feel dumb...)

We also drove past the apartments we're looking at. They're literally two minutes from his campus, so he can still ride his bike to classes. And they look like they're decent, which makes me happy.

Speaking of the living situation...since I can't have my old room on campus, my sister's going to take it. (She'll be eighteen in May. Scary!!) And my parents and I are talking about taking the money we would have used for a meal plan and my private room and using it to get a car, so I can be a day student for my last semester. Honestly, I'm okay with living at home. I've done my dorm time. Besides, I think my parents will like seeing more of me before I get married and leave home for good.

And I really want a PT Cruiser!!
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