Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a photographer!! It has been a long, long, lo-o-o-ong process!

Initially (re: two years ago) a photography major friend of ours was going to do the pictures. A few months ago she told me she had photographed a wedding and it didn't go as well as she planned, so in order to prevent us from getting not-so-great pictures, she backed out. She's still coming to the wedding (yay!) and she gave us plenty of time to find a replacement.


(The answer is very.)

I hunted everywhere. I placed a Weddingbee classified that yielded only long-distance photogs that were willing to travel, but I wanted to meet in advance with them, and so that was a no-go. I did internet searches that yielded low price points with crappy pictures, and gorgeous pictures that cost more than my entire budget.

A friend of mine is a professional wedding photographer, so I emailed her. And emailed her. And a mutual friend emailed her. No such luck.

But as I was tooling around Facebook, I noticed one of my friends (who has GORGEOUS bridal portraits) had a link to a photographer on her profile. I followed the link...and got really, really excited. The photographer's work was beautiful, she was recommended by someone who had worked with her, she was in the area, and best of all her prices were FANTASTIC!

I emailed her, P and I met with her, and all looked good. Yesterday my father (aka keeper of the finances) gave the formal okay, and now we are very excited that Jenna from JHenderson Studios will be our photographer for our wedding.

Just take a gander at her blog. Go on, I'll wait.


Isn't she AWESOME?

So yeah. We officially will have someone visually documenting the coolest day of our lives so far.

I'm excited!
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