Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fittings...are Awkward

I have officially hit the one-week mark at my new job! It feels so odd to have a job that doesn't involve pixie dust and crowd control, but I'm just so happy to be working that I don't mind.

Today I spent more time on the floor observing fittings rather than in the back. I still sewed two and a half bustles, though. At the moment, I'd kind of like to sew than fit. I mean, I'm used to fittings. After all, I spent plenty of time wrangling college kids into ancient costumes and pinning them into submission. But a college kid in a costume is completely different from a bride in a gown! There's so many things to consider, plus they're bound to be eagle-eyed. One bride noticed the boning on the front of her dress. I wouldn't have noticed it, but she did!

I also learned how to ring people up after their alterations. And when I say "learned," I mean "was walked through it and remember about 30% of the process." Ouch.

But on the upside, one of the people I fitted today was Kat. Yay! And I don't mean to brag, but I think that, dress-wise, I'm on the list of awesome brides. That shade of blue is INCREDIBLY pretty.

(Just think...I could have made them all wear yellow...buttercup yellow...)

Once she was fitted, I put on my dress so she could see how to tie the bustle. I put the veil on and everything. She looked like she might possibly cry...which made me feel terribly validated. I felt like a bride for reals.

But do you know what made me feel giddy? I look EFFING TINY in my dress. Seriously. I have never felt so skinny in my life!
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