Monday, February 8, 2010

Musical Monday #20

I've been a grumpy sort of rut for a while. Because seriously, wedding planning is KILLER. I'm terribly stressed. There's so many decisions to make, and everyone's harping on me to make decisions, and I am NOT looking forward to my only wedding shower...the hot mess has become even hotter and messier.

So I need stuff to cheer me up.

My favoritest band EVER is Bowling for Soup. They're a goofy, naughty punk-pop-rock band, and I just love them to absolute bits and pieces.

(My dream in life is to be the lead singer in a Bowling for Soup cover band. I shall call it Skeeball with Chowder.)

Anyways, one of the songs I love after their newest album is called "No Hablo Ingles," and it's hilarious. Basically it explains that if something happens that you don't want to say or do, just say "No Hablo Ingles."


So...enjoy. Have a good time. Giggle profusely.

I hope they cheer you up as much as they cheer me up!

(aren't they hilarious?)
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