Saturday, February 20, 2010

a bride...for real

Three weeks from today I will be married.

How WEIRD is that?

I never thought we would actually reach this point. I thought we were going to be stuck in engagement purgatory forever, planning the wedding and dreaming about married life and never actually getting there.

(Word of advice: unless it's absolutely necessary, do yourself a favor and don't plan on a long engagement. Because three years can feel like a decade. No lie.)

People used to tease me about planning the wedding so early. Well, now I have less than a month and people are teasing me about not having enough done! Oh, well.

This wedding is really happening, and do you know how I know that? TOMORROW IS MY SHOWER!

I'm so excited. I was really anxious about it earlier (seven messages in one day about an event you're not supposed to be involved with is a bit stressful), but things seemed to have been smoothed over. I am sad that the hostess chose the date without checking first- my mother is out of town and I would have liked to have her there. But my mom was very gracious about it, and I have a pretty dress for the occasion.

(On a side note, I have a compulsive addiction when it comes to dresses. If I'm going anywhere, I need a new dress for the occasion. A party, going out to dinner, going to see a show, vacation- heck, anything could merit a new dress!)

But to get back on topic...this is one of the big events where you get to be officially acknowledged as a bride. And that...that's pretty fun. I'm excited.

Let the spoiling begin! For yea and verily, I shall not stop it.

(Especially since there are hopefully going to be cupcakes at the shower. Oh mah gah. I hope to high heavens that there shall be cupcakes. I shall stuff my bride-y face with them. Mmmmm...)
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