Monday, February 15, 2010

My new (grown up) job!

I've had my new "big girl" job for about a week now, but I haven't gotten a chance to rectify it! And thus, this blog entry.

I wrote a little while back about getting a job at the shop where I bought my wedding gown. The job, exactly, is part-time alterations. Basically I'm working about 20-40 hours a week on wedding (and wedding-related) dresses and prom dresses.

Since I have sewing experience, but not alterations experience, they're starting me off on some lower-level stuff- tacking down lace, adding more beads, etc. I've helped with some fittings and called brides to confirm appointments.

I've also sewn bustles. Oh mah gah. Bustles.

I've had to explain this to a couple of men, but I'll toss it out here too. When a wedding dress is bustled, it doesn't mean the Victorian/Edwardian butt cages.


Wedding dress bustles are basically just fancy ways of pinning up the train. So far I've been trained to sew two of them- the American bustle and the French bustle.

The French is simple, but tedious. Sew a loop, sew the ribbons. There's at least three points, but usually five or seven. (My dress has thirteen! Gah!)

The American is harder because you have to hide the button-and-loop rigging on the outside of the dress. The tiny stitches on the French bustle are easy to hide, but not buttons and loops and hooks. Oy.

(To see what I'm blabbering about, look here.)

I guess, to sum everything up, I like my new job. I'm super awesomely incredibly grateful I have a job- it makes the whole getting married and leaving home thing a hecka ton easier! Is it what i want to spend the rest of my life doing? Nope. But it's all good. I like what I'm doing, the people I work with are really nice, and I'm getting PAID! Awesome times, y'all.

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