Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I'm a WDW CM, but at the moment I'm living in Nashvegas. Can't really make the commute.

I've been applying for jobs all over the general area for a while, but got nothing- not even a retail job, much less in theater. Quite discouraging.

I went in a few weeks ago for the alterations on my wedding dress, and I struck up a conversation with the alterations manager. I mentioned that some people had suggested I make my own wedding dress, and she said "Well, if you ever need a job, you could always apply here."

"Um," I said. "I do need one, actually."

As soon as I was out of my gown she handed me an application and I filled it out right there. A week and a half later I did a sew test and an interview, and today I got a message saying "When can you start?"

Thank you, God!!!!!! I am gainfully employed!!!!!!!
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