Friday, February 5, 2010


Relationships are weird.

And I'm not talking about romantic. I'm talking friends, acquaintances, family...all that chiz.

I've had three revelations in the past few days, and it's been weird. So it's time for a little venting, a'ight?

My cousin, whom I love dearly, is getting month after me. I've known that for a while, but I was like meh. Whatevs. I can deal, right?

Well, I found out that she has changed her date at least half a dozen times before settling. She even made her sister, who's my favorite cousin, get married in October because her original date would have conflicted. She didn't want to get married in October, and I had to miss it because it was production week for Joseph.

Then I found out that she didn't know my wedding date until after she had announced her official one. And she wanted to have me change mine because she thought that I had just now picked it, and certainly I can change it?

Um, the answer is HECKA NO.

Luckily, my uncle not only stood up for me and my three-year engagement, but he also asked my other relatives if they would have to choose between the weddings. Luckily, none of them will.

All this happened a while ago, but it still makes me a bit sad that it had to happen in the first place.

A family friend is throwing a wedding shower for us. Yay! It's very nice of her, and we appreciate it.

It's just been a little awkward. Because she's been asking me, and my mom, and P's mom for input (which is kind of a faux pas). And she was rather rude to my MOH, who had been trying to plan a shower. And she invited a lot of church ladies that, while I'm sure they're very nice, I don't know who they are. And...

...and for some reason the invitation included "mark you calendars for (wedding date and time)."


Luckily all of us had that reaction, and I was elected to ask her as politely as possible if that could be taken off. Because...yeah. Yeah. Awkward.

There's a guy that's been in my circle of friends for a while. He used to be super nice, but, not quite so much. He's the master of passive-aggressive fighting.

Things have been strained between me and him for a while, but he's been a friend of P's since high school, so I'm like "Meh. Send him an invite."

Well, I found out that for the past (nearly) four years that I've been with P, he's been telling everyone that we'd never last and things would never work out. So either he's waiting to see us break up in the next thirty-six days, or he's waiting to hear news of our divorce.



This is the face of a non-happy camper.

I've tried to get along with this dude, but no more. No more, my friends. I am done. Because there's so much more detail I could go into to explain this reaction, but this is not the best forum for it.

But yeah.

Three suckerpunches. Oy. No good, my friends. No good.
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