Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Musical Monday #22

Well, I was going to talk about how spiffy my shower was, but Facebook is being a total skunkbag and not letting me on. (Please don't be another layout change!) So in the meantime, you'll have to be content with just a standard Musical Monday.

One of my FAVORITEST bands ever (besides Bowling for Soup) is the Pipettes. P actually introduced me to them back in 2008ish, since their single "Pull Shapes" was on the American Eagle video loop, and he had to listen to it all the time. In any case, I thought they were the absolute shiz, and I ended up buying the British edition of their album in a music shop in Bath.

The band consists of three gals named Riotbecki, Gwenno, and Rosay (although Riotbecki and Rosay have been replaced by Ani and Ana...sad day...). They also have a group of backup dancer boys called the Casettes.

On a funny side note: once I got my car, I subjected my dad to some of the more annoying selections in my wildly eclectic musical taste. (I'm looking at you, Aqua!) But when I played the Pipettes, my dad liked them so much that he listened to it on his own time. Fail. But hey, it was fun driving him up a wall with "Barbie Girl" and "Roses are Red."

So here's the Pipettes, teaching you some of their dance moves. Because they're so difficult and all. For serious.

Also, I just would like to point out that Rosay, the brunette, is my twin. For serious. If you have ever seen me dance, we are at about the same skill level. And we have a similar vocal range. And...well, she's adorable, and I yearn to be adorable. So we're even.

Also also, the Pipettes are making quite a splash on my wedding music playlist. So learn them steps, y'all. Especially "The Shocker." That's my favorite.

Although, truth be told, my dancing typically looks like Rosay's dance break...just so everyone's forewarned.
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