Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrusday's 10: The One with the V-Day Presents

Oh mah gah. Presents? Do you know how hard it is to shop for P?! He never really has any advice as to what I should get him, so instead I run around frantically trying to find presents for him that I'm never sure that he'll actually likes, but he promises he does.

On the other hand, P either gets me The Perfect Gift, which makes me feel like a horrible person for not getting him the perfect present, or he buys me...a video game. Love the man, but just because I play Sims and Harvest Moon doesn't mean that video games are a great de facto gift. :P

Also, my birthday's on Valentine's Day. MOAR PRESENTS, PLZ.

(Someone once suggested that we should get married on V-Day. His eyes got real big and he quickly said "NO. Oh, no. That's Valentine's Day and her birthday and her anniversary. I'd have to get her a massive present every year to cover all my bases. Like a pony.")

In any's my Thursday's Ten variation: the five best gifts I've gotten P, and the five best gifts he's gotten me.

(because that makes ten.)

#1: a bright blue iPod mini. It was used, but in decent condition, and it lasted him a good while. He was pretty excited.

#2: The Marvel Superhero Encycolopedia. He's read it cover to cover on multiple occasion, and just loves it. There's a new edition out now...maybe I have found a good V-day present.

#3: A VIP Disney tour and a Jedi hat. That was for his birthday last summer, and he was so excited. And I was excited that he would finally know what I was babbling about...

#4: The Orange Box- a video game set that includes Portal. He was happy. Yay, I picked good...

#5: A box full of random wrapped presents and notes. I gave it to him when he started his first semester at MTSU. I told him to open them, yeah. Didn't happen. He opened all of them at once. Well, as long as he's happy!

#1: a box he filled with reasons he loves me. I melted. Although Emma opened it up and started reading them aloud without realizing what it was. I have never seen P lunge that fast...

#2: A Red vs. Blue shirt that says I HEART CABOOSE. I haven't worn it in a while (gaaaaained weeeeeight) but I'm turning it into something cuter. ;)

#3: The entire Shaman King series on DVD. Twice. He got me the dub version, then the sub version. And considering it's never been released in the States, that is quite a feat!

#4: A beautiful glass figurine of Ariel. They sell Arribas Brothers figures in Adventureland and Downtown Disney, and I've always ooh'd and aah'd over them. Last summer I went to go check Fastpass times, and when I came back P snuck a little brown box in my hand and said it was my welcome home present. I'm keeping him.

#5: Aerie clothes. I know, it sounds shallow, but a year or two ago I was feeling really depressed about my looks. He took me to Aerie and let me pick out a cute outfit and bought it for me. And I felt better.

So yeah! Ten presents! I made it! Woot!
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