Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Already Prettypoll

(I really ought to be hard at work on cleaning and finishing my red coat that I started two weeks ago. But this is more fun!)

Sally at Already Pretty posted this on her blog, and as I love polls, shopping, and doing things other than chores, I decided to do it.

1. How often do you think about shopping?
It depends. I usually think about shopping when an occasion is coming up- back to school, a holiday, etc. I also get into moods when I just really hate my wardrobe and want to spruce it up.

But clothes? I think about clothes ALL THE TIME. Yes.

2. About how often do you shop for clothing, shoes, or accessories for yourself?
If I purposefully go shopping, it's usually only when one of the above circumstances pop up. But many a time I'll pick up something that I simply cannot say no to. For instance, last month I went to the mall to get a pair of brown heels for Beau Jest. I came home with brown heels, red patent leather flats, and a deliciously wonderful Danny Phantom tee shirt.

3. How LONG can you shop without tiring?
I can shop all day, dude. Seriously. I am the queen of window shopping. I am always searching and perusing, but I can go all day without buying anything. If I'm going to Opry Mills or an outlet mall, I come prepared for a journey. The only caveat? I must be fed, or I get grumpy. Luckily, P has learned this and doesn't take my grumpiness personally.

4. Do you prefer to shop at brick and mortar stores, or online?
I usually stick to real-life stores, just because I like the security of knowing something fits. Plus, I've learned the hard way that what looks super cute in a picture often makes me look like either a six-year-old or dumpy. I prefer trying everything to make sure it looks all right.

5. What is your favorite fashion-y thing to shop for?
#1: Fabric

#2: Dresses

#3: Shoes

I love fabric. I lust after fabric. I am a fabric WHORE. I run through the aisles of JoAnn's and Textiles petting everything I come in contact with. P follows close behind with the cart, offering his input, which consists of three basic phrases:

"What will you make out of it?"

"Where will you wear it?"

"Put it back."

Despite curtailing my fabric purchases, I still collect a lot more than I should. But I love sewing, and I love the complete customization it affords me. I collect pictures from Modcloth and Kate Nash's blog and copy them. Plus, it tends to be a lot cheaper to sew things myself.

That being said, if I find a dress in a store that I like, I buy it. I am a dress girl, and I shall not deny it any longer. (Also, if the dress comes with a cardigan, it gets bonus points.)

The last thing I shop for voraciously is shoes. My parents nicknamed Imelda Marcos when I was about twelve. I just love shoes! They're mostly a wide selection of cheap canvas ballet flats, but I'm working on upgrading them. (Part of that whole "graduating-and-getting-married-and-growing-up thing".)

So that's how I approach shopping! Now I want to shop. But I have wedding invitations to purchase...not really room in the budget for a spree.

Maybe I'll just finish my red coat.
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