Monday, October 5, 2009

When miracles happen

This story is just so amazing that it deserves an entry of its own. Seriously.

On Saturday night, I was in the dressing room getting ready for our very last performance. My head was halfway covered in curlers and Erin and I were rocking out to some energizing music. Just then my sister (who was a dresser) popped in and said, "Hey...there's a note and a box for you outside the door."

So I peeked out, and sure enough, there was an aqua envelope and a little black box waiting for me.

(it says Caitlyn & Pat on the front)

I was pretty confused. After all, my name is "Caitlin," not "Caitlyn." And I didn't recognize the handwriting. But I opened up the note first.

In case you can't read it, here's what it says:

"Caitlyn & Pat,

"I have heard so much about the relationship you two share and the endless love between you. I know times can be hard for a beginning set, with the responsibilities that a husband and wife have. I heard that you were looking for a wedding band and when Caitlyn describe the ones she liked [sic] my heart swelled. I offer you this with nothing expected. If it is not what you are looking for then I will find someone else to bless with it. But if you do find it favorable, then I beg that you use it. To the two of you, who I love, please accept this humble gift that is given from love for love. God has a blessed life planned for you both. May He continue to shower you in multitudes. God Bless and don't consider the cost, consider the price that Christ paid. Love and Grace to you."

And it is signed only with a heart.

By now, I was terribly confused, but starting to get excited. So I opened the box.

Inside was a diamond wedding band.

Someone gave me a beautiful, beautiful ring. It's white gold, just like my engagement ring. The band is the exact same width too. Half of the ring is covered in tiny rows of tiny diamonds. It definitely has a vintage feel to it. It fits perfectly on my finger and looks beautiful with my engagement ring.

and someone just gave it to me.

I couldn't help it. I just started bawling. I texted P and told him to come backstage as soon as he got to the theater. I showed him the ring, and he was flabbergasted.

I just can't believe that someone would do this for us. It's just amazing.

We can't figure out who on earth did this. We don't recognize the handwriting. If they came in through the front, they had to get past Mindy and Shannon. If they came in through the back, they had to get past Stephen. It's obviously a girl's writing. They know both of us, enough to know that P goes by Pat sometimes but not enough to know my name is spelled with two 'i's. And they somehow knew exactly what kind of ring I wanted.

It's a mystery- a wonderful, exciting mystery!
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