Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bluebird of happiness nightgown (and skivvies!)

Pattern: None
Fabrics Used: knit print, knit cream solid
Made: September 2009
Time: About three or four hours (including embroidery)
Cost: Free!
Made for: Fabric scrap recycling

When I finished my yoga bag, I still had plenty of fabric left. I knew a dress was out, because P hates the fabric and he would tease me unmercifully if I wore it out in public. Ergo, I made a nightgown. Because then I can wear (in five months) in the privacy of our apartment and tease him about "Ha ha, I'm wearing the fabric you hate!".

There wasn't enough bird fabric to make the entire nightie out of it, so I dug a length of cream knit out of my stash for the skirt.

The bodice was shaped from an old tee shirt that I sacrificed for the express purpose of making a pattern. The buttons came from the tab tops of an old set of P's curtains. And it was supposed to have cap sleeves and a patch pocket, but El Padre "helped" me clean and threw away the pieces.

"But wait," you say, "you mentioned skivvies! Where are the skivvies?"

They look rather awkward in this picture, but I can't help but love them. But wait! There's more!
Who doesn't want to have precious embroidery on their bums? Certainly not me!

This was my first attempt at skivvies. I cut apart a pair of Hanes to make the pattern. They're a pretty comfy fit, but all the same, I don't think I'll ever make a habit of making all my skivvies.
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