Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh, sad day...

So I really want to be a Bee.

I opened Weddingbee to see this morning that Miss Rainbow has been claimed.

She is also twenty-two.

She is also having an Alice in Wonderland wedding.


Oh, well. I'm still going to hold out hope. My wedding has slowly become more retro than Alice, anyways. And I still feel like I have something unique to offer the Hive. Plus I'm a reliable blogger, and I feel like I have a good writing style.

I'm also pulling for the fact that I'm a March bride, and right now there is neither a March bride nor a February bride. That's a two month lull with no weddings, y'all! Maybe they'll be like, " March, well, let's just take her!". And I would rejoice.

I'm also hopeful because I sent my application in September...and haven't heard anything back yet. I mean, they didn't send my rejection letter right away. That's a good sign, right?

When I applied the first time (because yes, I've been rejected before), they waited about a month to very gently turn me down. I deleted the email because it made me sad, but I recall them saying that they did like my blog and asked me to apply again. So that's another good sign, right?

Since my first application, I've changed my blog layout, worked on updating regularly, and tried to make my voice as distinct as possible. And I've tried to make it very personal. My competitive nature has driven me on more than one occasion to check out blogs of other brides who applied and were rejected from being a Bee, and I've noticed that most of the girls who are rejected have lovely blogs full of lovely wedding-related entries, but there's just not much personal material. Hopefully that'll help me. Unless I'm too personal...and are you even allowed to blog about applying to Weddingbee? I don't know. I might have broken a taboo. But I neeeed to blooooog. It cheers me up to write.

I think the Bees are still checking out my blog. (At least I hope they are.) I hope they don't judge me too much for writing an entry about applying. I hope they like me. I hope they pick me. (I really really do!)

So yeah. I'm rather mopey at the moment. But I shall still hold out hope! I think I have a shot.

And if I get rejected again, I can always apply again. :)
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