Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Audition Purgatory: Day #3

That's right. Day #3. We skipped day #2 and went right to day #2. Why? Because the callbacks list STILL HAS NOT BEEN POSTED.

It makes sense that it wasn't posted the night of callbacks. They did run awful late. I could understand them not posting the list yesterday morning; it might have been too early. But when 11pm rolled around, and still NOTHING, I got a little peeved.

Well, more just stressed out. But still. EmoooooOOOOooootions!

I am expecting the callbacks list to come out either between 8-10 am or 5pm today. The first guess because that's when Mike's office hours are, and the second because that's when classes are officially over for the day. They just HAVE TO COME OUT TODAY.

Why am I so vehement, you ask? Am I just whining because I want to know what I was called back for, and if I was called back?

(Well, yeah.)

But it's also because the callbacks for Beau Jest are TOMORROW! Yeah, that's right. Tomorrow. A group of people are showing up for a callback audition tomorrow, and no one knows who they are.

I have a strong suspicion that it's because not enough people tried out. Don't get me wrong, there were about thirty or forty people, but you have to take into consideration that:

#1: Mike the Almighty Director does not want to doublecast the two shows.

#2: There are only four female leads and about a dozen male leads between the two shows. I don't think there were enough guys who auditioned who can fit into the parts...and that's without casting anyone in the chorus.

#3: A lot of people just want to be in the chorus of Guys and Dolls. They don't want to be a lead, and they definitely don't want to be in a straight play. (I know, I know. "As opposed to a gay play, lawlz." It just means it doesn't have music. Moving on...)

Becca thinks Shannon will get the part of Adelaide. If that happens, I am going to speak out. Shannon is a nice girl and very talented, but she just played Corie in Barefoot, and she was dance captain for Joseph, and she played Lina Lamont in Singing in the Rain at ACU. She is also the only student in the department who came from ACU with Mike, and she's really good friends with Mike and his family, and so if he casts her in yet another lead, that is FAVORITISM, my friends.

But at the same time, I heard she started being a diva during Barefoot, and MTAD noticed, so maybe that means she won't be cast as Adelaide.

I also heard that MTAD was planning on casting Sarah King as Sarah Brown, which I was actually guessing myself, because she's gorgeous, an amazing singer, and the sweetest girl ever, but she's going to be in Vienna. See what I mean about knowing what actors were actually going to audition?

So yeah. Angst reigns right now.
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